How To Stage A Narrow Living Room

How To Stage A Narrow Living Room
Raymond R. James January 14, 2022

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How To Stage A Narrow Living Room

The answer to furnishing a long narrow room is to divide and conquer!The answers to these questions will start to inform the zones of the room.They loved that is was light and bright and that it had a bay window with a pretty view.By floating the furniture for the main seating group in the center part of the room, we are left with two other zones to accommodate different activities. .

Long living room ideas: Tips to make a narrow space seem wider

You’ve probably spent hours rearranging furniture in a frenzied attempt to make your rectangular space look more square, but in the back of your mind you know that unless you knock down the walls and rebuild the room from scratch, there’s just little you can do.Furniture in long living rooms can be a cumbersome business, so it pays to invest in the right pieces – and consider the arrangement carefully, as interior design firm Hoedemaker Pfeiffer have done in this small, narrow space.A great tip is to choose a sofa and chairs with open arms and exposed legs, and a glass coffee table.Use the middle of the room to center the furniture arrangement, leaving the sides as open, but not dead, space.Scale the furniture to fit the size of the room and don’t block walking pathways.If looking for apartment living room ideas, try sheer window treatments or install white wooden blinds or shutters to let the natural light flow into your room during the day, while simultaneously providing nighttime privacy, like in this narrow space designed by Becca Interiors.Not surprisingly, decorating with mirrors can make a long living room look a lot larger.Hang a large mirror on a wall opposite a window or very near one to reflect the outdoors, broadening the feel of your room.Decorating small spaces with a rug can visually draw together the furniture, giving rooms focus and adding comfort.While a focal point that contrasts with the rest of the scheme can be visually interesting, disguising the awkward layout, something like quirky piece of art, vase or striking lampshade.Walls that are covered with pictures and other wall hangings tend to make a room feel closed in or busy, so simply hang one or two large pieces of artwork to make the room feel wider and more spacious.Choose art that can sit wide but low over the sofa or fireplace for example, to bring the eye level down and help make the room seem wider.By alternating furniture groupings – or by utilizing the middle of the room better – it will effectively force the traffic flow to take on an 'S' shape, and stops the space looking too straight and narrow, much like a hallway. .

17 Creative Small Living Room Ideas

Choosing wallpaper with a bold pattern can establish a center point in an oddly shaped area. .

9 Tips to Arrange Furniture in a Small, Narrow Living Room

After moving sofas, tables and shelves around and getting frustrated, I guarantee you will give up before you arrive at the perfect layout.You will have a cross reference to verify the actual size of the room by checking the overall measurements against the sum of your wall segments. .

The 5 Most Important Home Staging Tips for the Living Room

More often than not, the living rooms we work on just need a little bit of redesign to help home buyers fall in love with them.(For more home tips for your shelves and surfaces, click here to check out Megan’s free webinar on the topic.).Your entire home should get a neutral makeover to help it appeal to the widest range of buyers possible.In the living room, this is especially important since it is a main area that is high on a list of buyers’ priorities.If you have very colorful or patterned furniture, purchase some neutral slipcovers that you can easily remove once you move into your new home.Most buyers can’t properly judge the size of a space without the right furniture and arrangement, so this issue could be doing a huge disservice to the salability of your home.If so, we recommend storing that furniture away in a storage unit until you move and renting some pieces that suit the scale of the room better.Most of all, it’s important that the living room have a good traffic flow that is clear to buyers and helps them move through the space in a natural way. .

How To Decorate Long Narrow Living Room

Do you have a long narrow living room in your house and you are like “Ugh, how am I supposed to put everything in here?” Well, you really don’t have to be bothered that much.And yah, you can always go ask Google on how you can decorate your living room and end up to this post that will surely give you the tips that you are looking for.It is simple to decorate a living room that is long and narrow.It might be brain cracking at first but once you start, you will enjoy the task of decorating it and putting in the furniture for it.If it is spacious then you can put in more stuff but it would be advisable to keep things simple.Before you actually get stuffs to place in the living room, look closely at your space.Another good way to decorate your living room is by using area rugs.A striped area rug is a good choice just like the ones in the picture.Instead of using another floor area by putting an armoire or cabinets, make use of the wall system you have.Of course, you have to pick the right plant that would strive indoors and then let in bring Mother Nature into your space.Use a large house plant to fill an empty corner.Then place smaller house plants on other areas like on top of a corner table, around the fireplace or even as a centerpiece.Colors aren’t just about your walls but it can also be seen in decors and accessories in your home.Lighter tints such as lemon, rose, coral, salmon or apricot will also be nice for your living room.Make sure the bulbs in lamps, chandeliers or recessed lights are warm, using either yellow or white light for this will enhance the warm color scheme in the room.Your lighting can also add drama to the look of you living area especially if you pick those with sophisticated design.Well, a long narrow living room will not be boring after all.You can also let furniture and other décor surround a focal point like a fire place or a television. .

14 Awkward Living Room Design Challenges + Solutions

Awkward living room layouts come in all shapes and sizes—from slanted walls to tiny spaces, we’ve designed it all.The slanted ceilings create an immediately cozy vibe, and the big window at the back of the room lets in a lot of natural light for sunny afternoon reading and naps.However, sloped ceilings do tend to make for pretty awkward living room designs.The key here is to find living room furniture that will accommodate the short and slanted walls—but this can be a challenge.The seating is super comfy and geared toward chatting and lounging, but the design also makes it easy to watch TV.If you have a long and narrow space like this one—which stretches lengthwise, with two full walls of windows and one side open to the rest of the home—you might be struggling to find the right layout and furniture.But if you don’t need TV to be the focal point, use the awkward living room design to your advantage and create a cozy space to read, cuddle up, and relax—TV watching optional.We found a large comfy sectional that fits perfectly against two walls for an extra cozy feel.We arranged the living room furniture in a conversational layout, with a tailored look that’s equally great for both casual hangs and more formal dinner parties.We needed to maximize the space to make room for chilling out, entertaining, watching TV, functional storage, and more.This design works because it allows for open traffic flow into the room and leaves plenty of space to navigate around furniture.The sofa has a built-in side table so you can skip the extra piece of furniture, and the wall-mounted desk and bookcase combo offers plenty of convenient storage to free up more floor space.This living room is HUGE, with a beautiful fireplace and floor-to-ceiling windows on every wall—design features that are highly sought after but also present their own challenges.But it still feels open to the dining area and kitchen, with a coordinating color scheme to tie together the two spaces.When you have a small living room, it can be challenging to find a layout that gives you all the functionality you need in this type of space.The best solution here is to use living room furniture that’s proportionate to the space—so, go for an apartment-sized sofa, a smaller media console, an open and airy coffee table, and small poufs as extra seating options.While we’re really digging this modern and edgy space, designing it posed a bit of a challenge since the walls are set at less-than-right angles.The quirky, awkward room shape creates lots of hard-to-handle nooks and crannies that can be difficult to fill without the space looking hodge-podge.This arrangement uses one of the small, awkward corners as a sunny home for plants, which helps brighten the space and detract from the weird angle.This design works because it features a cozy sofa and extra comfortable chairs that optimize TV viewing but also make for easy conversation.Small space solutions help fill out awkward spots, like wall-mounted bookcases adding vertical storage along a narrow wall and the two poufs adding seating options without taking up a bunch of floor space.To make the awkward, acute corner work, we pulled two armchairs up perpendicular to the sofa.This is perfect for those who love hosting movie nights or having people over to watch your favorite sports.A corner fireplace, combined with a full wall of windows, can make furniture layout pretty tricky.We opted for a sectional vs sofa to maximize seating without cramming in extra furniture pieces.In cases like these, we recommend balancing the room layout with the height of the ceiling so it doesn’t feel off-balance.The living room shelves pictured here function as practical storage while minimizing the cavernous look of the tall walls.It’s a great use of vertical and horizontal space—giving you both storage and a focal point that connects the lower half of the room with the upper ceiling.This living room doesn’t have many solid walls that you can put furniture against, which can make creating a functional layout feel daunting.In these cases, we recommend pulling furniture away from the walls and floating pieces to create a seating area “shell” within the space.As you arrange your living room layout, keep a walking area around the furniture to make moving through the space easy. .

How to Decorate A Long, Narrow Living Room

Decorating a long narrow living room can be tough.Check out how I’ve decorated my living room space for the best layout ever!I would love to have a different floor layout but with houses in our area being the highest in the country (my little home is worth nearly $2 mil!We added more cabinets (on the left) as well that extended out into the old dining room just up to the window.I wanted to create another seating area to break up the space and to also have another spot to relax away from the TV.I had a chandelier hung in front of the window area to differentiate that space.The sectional was in front of the TV and it tucked into that corner where the wall juts out so it has only one space to sit.That wall houses a lot of essential wires and our sewer line to the ensuite bathroom so it could not be moved in the renovation (believe me, I tried to convince my contractor).The cabinet that used to be on that short wall has now switched spots with an armchair.The chair now extends the living room area and there isn’t some awkward sectional part that lands in direct line with the TV (which made it awkward for anyone sitting on that end of the couch to watch TV). .



How To Accessorize A Sectional Sofa

How To Accessorize A Sectional Sofa.

Today, we’re excited to share our step-by-step guide for styling a sectional.Start by use your sectional color as the jumping off point, and create a higher end look by allowing colors to gently flow into each other.We like using neutral tan and linen colors that naturally flow, and then weave in the bolder hues.As a general rule of thumb, we try to avoid using more than five colors.It may seem big, but you don’t want it to get covered by the layered pillows in the front! .

Small Living Room Table With Storage

Small Living Room Table With Storage.

A dining table with storage will keep your style smart – and your space clean-and-tidy.Buying a Dining Table with Storage: A Helpful Tip! .

How To Clean My Material Couch

How To Clean My Material Couch.

But spills are bound to happen from time to time and, unless you want to adorn your couch with those beautiful plastic covers, you’re going to need to know how to clean a fabric sofa.Properly reading a cleaning tag can save you a lot of grief:.A quick Internet search should yield plenty of DIY instructions on distilling water, or you can find an inexpensive jug at almost any grocery store.).Vacuum your couch so you’re not rubbing in dirt or debris while cleaning.Moisten a fresh microfiber cloth with distilled water (no dishwashing liquid or vinegar this time), and blot the affected area to remove any remaining soap.With a dry microfiber cloth, blot the area one more time.Point a fan on the area to make sure it dries completely.