What To Do With Carpeted Stairs

What To Do With Carpeted Stairs
Raymond R. James October 13, 2021


What To Do With Carpeted Stairs

I just feel like they have such a clean, crisp look and add so much character to the home.I wanted our open concept home to have a custom clean lined look so removing the stair carpet and painting them has been on my list since we moved in.The carpet was in good condition, I just didn’t care for the color or how it looked in our home with all the updates.We kept an old bucket nearby to drop the torn up scraps into and then a big garbage bag for the padding.The stairs on the lower section were 36″ and they had treads in that size so no cutting was required, yay!I used painters tape for the posts and then went through and sanded all the stairs, filled in gaps with caulk and then wiped down thoroughly.Sometimes I stall on a project because it feels a bit intimidating, but with enough research ( and a little confidence) it really isn’t as scary as it seems.Don’t forget to subscribe so you can get the latest posts delivered to our email so you wont miss anything. .

Refinishing Hardwood Stairs

Benefits of Refinishing Your Staircase.The same goes for having hardwood stairs.Secondly, when you refinish your stairs, you can update the stain of the treads, as well as the banister. .

Can a Runner Be Placed Over Carpeted Stairs?

In addition to the many design options, from pattern to texture, runners also protect stairs from wear and keep your family and guests from slipping.Generally, runners are installed over finished wooden stairs because carpet requires a firm, solid base.An unstable base beneath a runner can wear down both carpets faster and create possible safety hazards.They also serve as an added layer of protection for carpeted stairs from tread patterns, dirt and moisture.With the ability to attach to the carpet, stair treads provide better traction and cushioning to avoid slipping.Cut the carpet with a utility knife under the landing tread and pull it free from the step with vise grips. .

How to Repair Squeaky Stairs (DIY)

Family Handyman Carpeted stairs that squeak can be repaired from above in several easy steps—without destroying the ceiling below the steps.Photo 2: Glue Apply a bead of subfloor adhesive along the top of the riser, the stringers and the back of the tread.A simple fix is to tap shims into voids between the treads and the stringers and add some glue.That’s why the perfect time to fix them is when you’re replacing the carpeting—you can remove the treads and get at the squeaky culprits.Here are four easy steps to permanently fix the treads that squeak and keep the rest from ever starting.After you’ve removed the carpet, use a flat bar to pry off the treads, working from the top down (Photo 1).Since you’ll be reusing the treads, remove the nails and any leftover carpet pad and staples.The kit shown here is designed to send a snap-off screw right through the carpet without damaging the fibers.Have the necessary tools for this DIY project lined up before you start—you’ll save time and frustration. .

Stairway Makeover

In making the decision to replace all the flooring upstairs, we realized we would have to do the staircase too or there would be a weird floating carpeted staircase stuck in between the wood flooring upstairs and down.It is meant to replace the existing edge of your staircase.So the next step was to cut off our existing overhang on each stair.Next, we measured and cut the flooring and snapped it together like we did with the rest of the flooring to cover each step.You will notice there is a little lip from each edge of the laminate floor snapping into the trim piece.Once we got the carpet removed, we realized the plywood beneath wasn’t going to be smooth enough to paint the risers white like I wanted, so my uncle cut new plywood pieces and we glued them to the fronts of all the risers.I ordered 3 of these 8 ft rugs from Wayfair in this tan and black stripe.I know, are you shocked practicality won over style this time?BuildDirect is running their Spring into Action Sale starting today! .

What is the Best Carpet for Stairs?

Are you considering carpet for your stairs and aren't sure which type of carpet to go with?Why Carpet Your Stairs?If a fall does occur, carpeted steps will help soften the landing as compared to hardwood.Carpeting your stairs whether you do wall-to-wall or as a decorative runner will help protect your steps from damage as well as protect you or a loved one from dangerous slips and falls.These new treads look great with your new hard surface flooring but it is still a good idea to carpet your steps for safety.You'll want to select a carpet that will fit your sense of decorative style and yet perform for years to come.Step 1: Assess your stair needs.For example, steps leading to bedrooms from the main floor probably will not receive as much traffic as steps leading into your home from your entry.The answers to these questions will help in selecting a carpet or runner that will work best for you.Therefore it is important that you select a carpet that will perform and look good for years to come.Step 3: Look for the Most Durable Carpet Within Your Budget.The first thing is the carpet fiber.There are two main types, a cut pile, and a loop pile.You don't want a thick cushion such as 1/2" as that will shorten the tread and could cause slips and falls.Stairs going to second-floor bedrooms may only need to be vacuumed once or twice per week.We recommend a good handheld vacuum with a stair attachment for proper cleaning.What is the Best Carpet for Your Stairs?If your home has beautiful hardwood steps, I would opt for a stair runner. .

Should I Should Choose Wood or Carpet Flooring For Stairs

While choosing materials for your home’s floor can be fairly straightforward, stairs can be a little more difficult.If you don’t know whether you should choose wood or carpet flooring for your stairs, our guide can help you decide.While wood flooring on your stairs can provide a sleek and modern feel to your home, they can also be dangerous.If you have children, seniors or sleepwalkers in your home, wood stairs may not be the best choice in terms of safety.Hardwood floors don’t collect as much dust or allergens as carpet does, and cleaning mostly involves sweeping and mopping.Look at photos to get inspiration before you decide on a different flooring option for your stairs; this will ensure you won’t be disappointed with the outcome.Having carpet on the stairs doesn’t necessarily prevent falls, but it helps to provide traction compared to hardwood.In addition, should a fall ever occur, carpet offers a much softer landing spot than wood flooring which could help reduce the likelihood of injury.Stains are inevitable with carpeting, and it’s something to take into consideration before you make your decision on flooring for your stairs.When steam cleaning or shampooing carpet, you will need to use fans and open windows if it is a low-humidity day.Avoid whites, grays and other lighter colors, as they’ll draw attention to stains and dirt.Although carpet costs less than hardwood, a professional installer is almost always necessary due to the special tools needed for the job.While carpet does need to be replaced every few years, the life of the material can be greatly extended by a good maintenance routine.For homes with wood floors, a carpeted staircase can feel outdated and out of place. .



Living Room Carpet Malaysia

Living Room Carpet Malaysia.

Choosing the perfect carpeting for the various spaces in your home is more than just finding the right colour.Find one that’s soft for your feet to feel a good ‘hug’ when you land them on the floor after getting out of bed.Living Rooms.Choosing a warm coloured large rug for your entryway will make coming home that much more welcoming.Just like the toilet and bathrooms, the kitchen isn’t a popular place for carpets, but small rugs are acceptable.Low pile and flat weaves work best for kitchens, and make sure you have several rugs on standby as you should change and clean them regularly.Regular cleaning will keep your carpets dirt and dust free, and you can get them cleaned professionally too.

Living Room Rugs From The Range

Living Room Rugs From The Range.

As a rule of thumb, a rug should be large enough to anchor your furniture whilst leaving some of the floor exposed.

How To Put A Rug In A Room

How To Put A Rug In A Room.

If you're not sure what size to buy, pull out the chairs around your table, then measure the space so you know your rug will fit perfectly underneath.In the living room, placing a rug gets a little trickier, but it still all depends on the size of your space and your plans for laying out your furniture.For smaller living rooms , you have two options: You can go with a smaller rug (like a 5' by 8') that can float in the room in between the furniture, but under the coffee table says Loloi ("A rug that sits six to 12 inches in front of the sofa will anchor your space nicely, and still allows for walking room around the furniture.").or if you're trying to make your space feel bigger, you'll actually want a bigger rug that fits all furniture (like in the larger room section below) to unify the space., you have two options: You can go with a smaller rug (like a 5' by 8') that can float in the room in between the furniture, but under the coffee table says Loloi ("A rug that sits six to 12 inches in front of the sofa will anchor your space nicely, and still allows for walking room around the furniture.").or if you're trying to make your space feel bigger, you'll actually want a bigger rug that fits all furniture (like in the larger room section below) to unify the space.When it comes to the bedroom, sizing really depends on the size of your bed.If you don't want to place a full area rug under the bed or in the bedroom at all, Annie Selke, founder and CEO of her eponymous rug and decor brand, has an easy hack: Just place runners on either side of the bed.Follow House Beautiful on Instagram.