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Luxury House With A Modern Core In Malibu

This next house on the West Coast is completely out of the ordinary. Located in Malibu, the luxury Terrace House was designed by architect Jonathan Segal. This contemporary house on the tranquil cove sits on an unusual site. This scape-side dwelling is a private and quiet oasis in the midst of Malibu’s bustling activity. The Westshore Terrace House presents a breezy, airy space, complimented by the cozy, yet modern features of the interior. This surfing-style home has a strong connection to the outdoors. The terrace allows for magnificent views of the coast, the city and the tower to the west. This luxe residence was conceived to make the most of its location, showcasing a timeless aesthetic and an innovative, contemporary design. This luxury home was designed with function in mind, so it’s designed with open spaces so the homeowners can maximize the views and provide privacy while still being able to enjoy some of the best activities the home offers. For more information on this new house, visit Jonathan Segal.

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