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The Miniatur Part From Hohenlohe

The Miniatur part from Hohenlohe is a new concept kitchen. It’s not a kitchen as we used to know it and we now refer to it as the “Miniatur” kitchen. The current concept is very innovative and dynamic. The design is practical and functional and yet it’s impressive with its simplicity and utility.

The Minimo is a transitional furniture. It has a progressive design and it allows the user to experience the kitchen as a different type of furniture. The design relies on experimentation. The Miniatur kitchen is very simple. It includes very basic items of furniture. There’s a strong industrial look because of the materials and finishes involved in the process. The pieces are simple and they’re made from common materials just like any other kitchen. Yet this time it’s the colors that are compared to the timeless black and white combo. The Miniatur kitchen is modern and very practical and functional. The pieces can be placed side by side or used separately. It’s an innovative furniture design. The main idea behind this design was to try something new and unique. In this way it becomes familiar and familiar yet different for those who haven’t experienced the process yet and it also creates a sensation of freedom that is refreshing.

The Miniatur Part From Hohenlohe Photo 3

The use of non-standard materials and bright colors makes this furniture pieces very elegant and stylish. It’s also a way of making the kitchen feel more welcoming. So even though it might not have been a great idea to use standard materials and finishes, this was also a way of trying to create a transitional design for the kitchen. This is how the Miniatur kitchen is supposed to look like. It’s functional and practical and it has a simple and modern look.

The Miniatur Part From Hohenlohe Photo 4

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