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The Homage To The Kitchen: Elegance Meets Function In The Estrelland Sectional

Valcucine. It’s that rare example of contemporary furniture that doesn’t shy away from bold and aggressive designs, polished finishes and functional spaces. So when it comes to the elegant Elegance sectional kitchen, would you say it’s a more modern alternative or would you rather see a structure that accentuates the beauty of the kitchen itself? Well, we’re not sure because we enjoy strong contrasts and sleek forms and designs. Elegance, as it appears, is in charge.

This elegant kitchen design is the creation of Alessandro Gelazzo. The Estrelland sectional kitchen puts together a combination of materials that gives it a unique appearance and combines them with a functional design. As you can see, the kitchen doesn’t sit on a pedestal. Rather, it’s a multipurpose piece of furniture which is also flexible and practical thanks to the interior cabinets. It’s made of multiple modules and the only thing stopping from having a long and continuous design is the fact that all the elements have to fit together perfectly and naturally. Of course, this doesn’t happen that easily.

The modular kitchen features clean and simple lines, minimalist forms, sturdiness and high-quality materials. It’s a very practical piece both because it helps the user to save time and money while also because it looks exquisite and is, indeed, impressive. The curved lines, visible grain and pastel colors emphasize the design and add a retro twist to the whole concept at the base of the design.

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