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The Fjord Vacation Home By Thomas Bernstrand

To give a new identity to a house, to make it look like your home, when in doesn’t really fit the description anymore. It’s the case with a house that has to do not only with its physical shape, but also with its design. In most cases, the designer gets to choose the elements that are important in terms of importance. It’s exactly what happened in the case of this beautiful house. It’s the type of house that you would not dream to call “home” anymore, with a design that really makes you wish you were there, that makes you wish you were right in front of the others, that’s the house in the picture.

Thomas Bernstrand is the one “responsible” for bringing all these features to life. It is quite obvious that the designer has an impeccable vision and the results are more than satisfying. The living room area is simple but sophisticated. The brick wall, the simple furniture pieces, the wood and the subtle sculptural elements are all the thinking natures of this beautiful space. The combination of white and wood is perfect and the relationship between ceiling and floor work as a nice balance that in the end will only highlight the key elements of the interior design.

The Fjord Vacation Home By Thomas Bernstrand Photo 2

The combination of solid and soft with the open and open creates a comfortable atmosphere, the choice of furniture is the perfect expression of the simplicity and elegance of the design and the combination of colors also refers to the modern style. The kitchen is the one that creates the majority of the color in the space with its colorful and sophisticated accent pieces. The bedroom is the one that introduces the wood element and blends it with the white background, creating a warm atmosphere.{found on micasarevista}.

The Fjord Vacation Home By Thomas Bernstrand Photo 4

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