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Coral Gables Residence By Specht Harpman

The Specht Harpman Miami Dolphins football team uses the mascot, Richie, to motivate the fans. And the Coral Gables Residence in Miami Beach, Florida, gives Richie a motivational effect on the football fans.

The residence is a mixed-use building that contains an office, a house and an apartment structure and stands on a lot of 8,008 square feet. It is a mixed use building on an entry via the Coral Gables River. The site is in the North Miami neighborhood where the residence is to be located. As seen from the street, the 2-story residence is clad in black on the 50’ long facade. Blue Cube Blue, as the building is called, is the color used for the exterior side walkways and the interiorized blue glass in the residence is one of the few dozen featured on the exterior of the building.

Coral Gables Residence By Specht Harpman Photo 2

Located at the front of the site on a boardwalk and boardwalk land, the 5,900 square foot, three bedroom, three bathroom residence with a roof terrace is set on a 7,448 square foot, three bedroom, one bathroom lot. The aluminum clad building rises to 3 stories 6 feet above the adjacent waters without impacting the existing vegetation or making any permanent changes to the site.

Coral Gables Residence By Specht Harpman Photo 4

In the front yard, a 7-foot tall outdoor swimming pool is the only landscaping structure with grass or pot plants. The terrace area extends the deeper into the property and features a long pool deck that wraps all the way around to create a covered outdoor social space for dining and lounging.

About a month before the Marlins won the World Series, Specht Harpman designed a Miami Diner for sporting events. And this is in the same building as the DolphinsDiner. This original third party diner was designed with John Grunsen’s logo on the outside. The interior has a series of concrete and steel bar solutions on the outside. John Grunsen designed the DolphinsDiner which is now called Specht Harpman Dolphins Diner. The DolphinsDiner is located in Miami and is also designed by Specht Harpman.

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