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A Rustic Living Room That’s A Lot More Complex Than You’d Expect

It’s not always easy to integrate an antique structure into the décor and the surroundings without making it seem out of place. A much better idea is to play with contrasts and to use that structure to your advantage. A rustic living room is one of the most inspiring examples in this case.

This living room used to be a barn and it’s not until the late 1980s that it became a home. The living room was added by developer Thomas Bronkhorst to his small home in Freundorf. It used to be a small room, with no windows and with an indoor garden in the middle. Then it became an office and a one-bedroom home. It has everything: a welcoming living room, a fireplace, a functional décor and even a swimming pool. The interior of the pool was custom designed by the Vienna-based interior designer Gayatri Mantas.

A Rustic Living Room That’s A Lot More Complex Than You’d Expect Photo 3

It’s easy to see that this is a radically different living room. The barn is gone and the old and retained elements are combined to create a modern and unique living space. The important lesson here is to add the unexpected elements and to try to make the space feel more comfortable without trying too hard. In this case, the décor is a mix of styles, from the classic barn style to vintage and modern elements.

A Rustic Living Room That’s A Lot More Complex Than You’d Expect Photo 5

It’s obvious that the living room has a strong rustic influence. The exposed beams in the ceiling and the wooden structure of the mirror above the fireplace are reminiscent of things usually found in barns. But, the décor of this space is not contrasting but rather harmonious. The black and white checkered parquet flooring in combination with the brick wall and the antique furniture bring out the beauty of the elements. The living room features a strong vintage vibe and the atmosphere is created with a personal touch and a great sense of style.

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