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Villa Midgård In Stockholm

Located in Stockholm, Sweden, Villa Midgård is a home beautiful residence designed by Snäk, a Swedish architectural firm that is based in Malmo, Sweden.

The home has an old mid-century exterior, and an interior that is elegant and stylish.

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Villa Midgård in Stockholm:

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“Villa Midgård is perfect for a family of five, a mix of modern and retro, comfortable and elegant, of a typical Scandinavian style. The spacious floor plan takes advantage of the property’s condition with large windows and a good connection to the garden.

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We placed the guests in a double-height room with magnificent floor to ceiling windows on three sides. As a long corridor with a state of the art glass ceiling connects the rooms, a long table in the middle shares space with the kitchen and dining area with a great view over the river.

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The room is large enough to accommodate a bed, a TV and other bedside necessities. There is a fireplace for churlish weather – a must for our clients – in the living room. The room is large enough, also, to include a small library with a dome-like ceiling, designed to provide light and heat in the winter months. The floor to ceiling windows provide natural light in the small room. The room has a built in sofa, which also serves as a divider, and hidden shelves offer additional storage space to the room.

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In the master bedroom, the room is separated from the sleeping area by an extra ladder. The two pieces of furniture in the room are identical and are designed with the same wooden finish. The top of the two pieces of furniture is set under a wooden platform, which provides some extra space.

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The guest bedroom is very simple as well furnished. The bed is set in front of a window, and a small desk with its own desk is placed in the center of the room. The wooden floor serves as a reference to the wooden platform we have mentioned about providing extra space to the room.

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The guest bathroom, by the way, is also very simple. It has a rectangular shape with rectangular holes in the walls, and a painted wooden top. The décor is quite inspired.

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