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House For Life By Maxwan Architects

House for Life is a residential project completed by Maxwan Architects.

The home is located in Wijgmaal, The Netherlands, and was finished in 2013.

House For Life By Maxwan Architects Photo 3

House for Life by Maxwan Architects:

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“In a selection of plots with existing houses in the canton of Wijgmaal, the present estate is the first of its kind to be built in this town. The new building is to be divided into three independent parts.

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These parts will be contiguous and thus allowed for an easy transition from one part to the other. The three parts will be of contrasting exterior types: living space, used for living, and for conducting a business. The entire building will be somewhat open towards the centre for a clarity of intent and, on the other hand, giving a great versatility, it will be divided into narrower spaces for living, used for sleeping and resting, and a wider space for daily family activities.

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The three parts are open towards each other and narrowed towards their inner centers. The first floor or “becket” or the top floor, is entirely open towards the surrounding green, and therefore also serves as intermediate space between the inside and the external. The second floor or “cornet”, which is like a giant inner ring, or “becket”, or “coast”, like the ring of a henge, connects all functions.

House For Life By Maxwan Architects Photo 8

This inner ring or ring leads seamlessly from one room to the next. A winding figure, clearly reminiscent of a pond, is the only element which delimitates the centre of the house from the exterior. The interior architecture is permeated by the atmosphere of a pond and consequently the flowing and changing patterns and tones of water, wind and rain.

House For Life By Maxwan Architects Photo 9

On one hand, the walls of the house are made up of different strata of irregular parallel winding strata, which are open in order to be able to gesticurally create mathematically and aesthetically complex spaces, like a path or a network of strata. On the other hand, the uniform whole is continuous and consistent, as the house limishes its network, on a single stainless steel structure, from the outside to the inside, by a main winding staircase. The structure allows for a space or a corridor to be created on the plot’s existing slope.”

House For Life By Maxwan Architects Photo 10

Photos by: Nelis.

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