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Glasim Residence By Gaurav Roy Choudhury

Indian architect and urban planner Gaurav Roy Choudhury has designed the Glasasim Residence.

Completed in 2010, this 3,000 square foot contemporary home is located in Mumbai, India.

Glasim Residence By Gaurav Roy Choudhury Photo 2

One of the most notable features is the glass wall that separates the home from the street and provides natural light.

Glasim Residence By Gaurav Roy Choudhury Photo 3

Glasim Residence by Gaurav Roy Choudhury :

Glasim Residence By Gaurav Roy Choudhury Photo 4

“The Glasasim Residence is located in the busy Mumbai neighborhood of Goregaussera. The appalling traffic in the area, with massive queues of people walking around each time a building open, anchors to a dense urban fabric in which the unmitigated pile up of commercial, residential and market executions, inevitably creates a condition of affairs repetitive indefinitely, without any inhibitions, of capital, indeed of city living.

Glasim Residence By Gaurav Roy Choudhury Photo 5

Follow the latest urban experiences in the region, to a untouchable realism, without any excess, without sacrificing on the ego, as urban form is inseparable part of the architectural design. Architecture as interior decorator complements the primordial aesthetic of the interiors in a rich and mysterious interface. The incessant reshaping of interiors by the designer through the years has only amplified the emotional journey through the house. It is an evolution of the concept of self-absorbed architecture, which is an architecture that becomes richer as it filters its energy. The presence of modern technology on the inside and out is translated in the refined decoration of the interiors with refined art appreciation.”

Photos by: Sebastian Zachariah

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