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Haus am Steinberg by HOARSTEIN BROTHERS

“The Haus is a unique project located in Oberberg, Styria, Austria, on a narrow inner lake field. The client has an intriguing idea. He wants to build a hotel on the site next to his own home. The architecture of the hotel is based on contrasting elements, on the one hand natural concrete and on the other hand organic. The organic shape of the hotel with its wide rooms is immediately apparent. The organic outline with its rounded corners fits the urban landscape perfectly.

The main room on the left offers a sensation of warmth in contrast to the cold concrete surfaces. The natural concrete is elongated and smooth enough to create a pleasant atmosphere. The natural wood sofas and traditional Austrian made armchairs in the room offer a first level of comfort. The historian, who owns a stake in the hotel, sees the development of the concept and its potential. “This is definitely an interesting hotel, in a particularly difficult area, with elderly residents and children. Hopefully it will be a long term commitment, as I like what I see now. Hopefully the long term trend will continue. But right now it’s very exciting, very fun. It’s not a)]. It’s a very fun place but also a place where you can have fun, where you can have fun in any time of day.

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