Living Room Furniture For Open Concept

Living Room Furniture For Open Concept
Raymond R. James November 24, 2021


Living Room Furniture For Open Concept

In this post I’m sharing helpful design rules on how to arrange furniture with an open concept floor plan.These design tips will show you how to arrange your furniture – the right way – to create a cohesive layout that feels cozy and looks pulled together!Open concept is an architectural and interior design term for a floor plan where walls and doors are eliminated between rooms.Arranging furniture for a proper layout is so important for function, good movement and dictates how a home looks and feels.What are the mistakes people make with furniture layout in an open concept floor plan?The biggest mistake people make is that they spread their furniture out in the spaces without clustering them in groups or zones.They also don’t use area rugs to define each zone which makes furniture look like a showroom, not a home.I recently had a client that bought a loveseat and a sofa with a chaise that just didn’t work in her open concept living room- dining room.optional two host chairs on either side of the sideboard for extra seating during the holidays Supplies to arrange your furniture in your space: Graph paper. .

18 Great Room Ideas

So if you're looking for some inspiration, keep reading for eighteen great rooms design ideas and decorating tips. .

12 Open Floor Plan Ideas to Steal

Still confused on what exactly an open floor plan is?Once you have a general idea of your zones, check out these gorgeous open floor plan spaces to learn how to rock an open floor plan layout.Arrange your furniture away from the walls.In having an area rug separate the visual plane, you can make the open floor plan seem like each area has its own distinct part of the home.Shop These Products Now: Area Rug – Sofa – Table Lamp – Ceiling Fan.Like the image above, repeating the wooden theme throughout the area can help tie in the furniture and make a more cohesive visual field.It’s all about flow in an open floor plan.Floor and ceiling alike are a part of the open floor concept and should match with the rest of the decorations and furniture.Shop These Products Now: Wall Art – Sofa – Kitchen Table – Floor Lamp.Shop These Products Now: Dining Table – Area Rug.Decorate your open floor plan with modular or movable furnishings.Monkey Business Images / Shutterstock.Once you’ve decided where your living room, bedroom, dining, and kitchen areas are, use these 12 open floor plan layout ideas to add maximum function and style to your modern loft space. .

Arranging Furniture: How to Embrace an Open Floor Plan

As indoor living spaces move toward a more casual layout, open floor plans with natural light and a free-flowing design are at the top of many homeowner’s and renter’s wish lists.However, you’ll find that an open floor plan provides endless opportunities to unleash your creativity and keen eye for design.You don’t need to work for Magnolia Home to pull off a high-class furniture arrangement, and an open floor plan can offer much more style and functionality than you may have presumed.Open floor plans can encourage an elegant, graceful approach to combining distinct areas of your home that would normally be separate rooms.There are plenty of tried-and-true methods that can help you embrace an open floor plan, and we’ve listed some of our favorite decorating techniques that are sure to inspire you.In interior design, an open floor plan typically refers to an area where walls and doors are not present between rooms.It can be a French window, a fireplace, an entertainment center, or a sectional—simply find a location where people will be comfortable and drawn to every time they step foot in your home.More specially, for an open family or dining room design, any combination of the furniture pieces below can help you get started: 2 smaller sofas, chairs, or loveseats.Feel free to bring in additional lights and patterns to match your furniture and dial up the cozy charm in your kitchen.If the other corner of your room features the dining area, the natural light also works well to add a sense of peace during mealtimes.If you’re inviting friends over for game night or your weekly book club meeting, rugs can help guide houseguests into the focal area of your home.Your large seating furniture and a banquet-length tale will certainly fill out your open floor plan, but there’s something about wooden accents with a smooth and slender silhouette that elevate your space even further.Oak and other darker woods can condense your room if not utilized properly, but midcentury inspiration can lend a stunning modern appeal and maintain the light, openness of your home.An open floor plan with high ceilings and towering windows can shine with sophistication, but try to maintain a modern sensibility in your home.A lighter approach with simple colors and accents creates a minimalist bridge between living and dining areas that proves to be much more successful. .

Layout Hacks: Incorporate TV Viewing into any Living Room Layout

Solve: Rather than placing the sofa against one wall and the TV against the other, try pulling the sofa several feet away from the wall, letting it float in the middle of the space.This makes for a great conversational area centered around the fireplace and lets the sofa face the TV, which is tucked out of the way, against the opposite wall.Need layout help?Solve: Rather than designing this room as one large living space, consider a layout that breaks up the room into two distinct areas—a formal living area and a more casual TV viewing space.Solve: A simple solve for this can be to place your TV at an angle on a credenza next to the fireplace.Solve: Use your sofa to divide an open space can be a great way to create separation between the different areas.Here, the sofa floats in the middle of the room, facing the only wall where a TV could be mounted and not block the windows.Challenge: A living room that flows into the dining room and feels like one large, open space.Solve: This room is tricky because you don’t want to block the glass wall of doors and windows and the other sides of the room are open into the dining area.Challenge: With a fireplace on one wall and windows on the other… furniture options are limited.This furniture setup makes it easy to see the TV and enjoy the fireplace so you have options when you’re lounging in the living room!Challenge: An open living space with a split-level living/dining room and no clear spot to place a TV.This sneaky “floating” furniture layout hack lets you use the large wall as your TV mounting area and uses the back of the sofa to divide the room.Mount the TV above the fireplace.Challenge: You want to make your TV the focal point of the room, but a fireplace takes up the available wall.Place the sofa or sectional facing toward the fireplace for the optimal TV viewing experience—you don’t want anyone to worry about neck cramps!You can also tuck a few other furniture items into the design to create multiple spaces.It’s great to have a TV in your living area so you’re not always watching on your laptop—but then you also want plenty of space to sit comfortably and also a coffee table and…well, a super tiny space can start to feel pretty cramped with only a few furniture items!Solve: Rather than designing this room as one large living space, consider a furniture layout that breaks up the room into two distinct areas—a formal dining area and a more casual TV viewing space.We used the one small strip of wall available to mount the TV right across from the sofa so you have a great view of the screen.Need help finding the best tv room layout in your space? .

Arranging Furniture for Open Concept Living

They are looking for that spacious feeling that long sight lines and an open floor plan delivers.With the right color combinations, area rug placement(s) and proper furniture arrangements, you can achieve a unified look.If you have a house for sale, highlighting the positive features will also minimize the negative aspects you wish you could hide.An area rug defines the living room as a separate space, and the furniture is arranged toward the focal point fireplace.Area rugs are a great way to unite a vast sea of flooring by turning it into smaller, useable spaces.Area rugs will provide needed color and warmth to a large space that can often feel cold and impersonal.Different flooring materials can separate zones as well; tile in the kitchen, wood in the dining area, and maybe carpet in the living room.Note that separate styles of flooring can often make an open concept area feel smaller by breaking up the flow.White paint color and accents of blue unite this kitchen and living room.United by neutral wall and furniture colors; separated and defined by area rugs.If you're missing an architectural focal point, build your own by using an armoire, a console table with a striking painting over it, or bookcases filled with handsome books and decorative objects.There are three focal points in this complementary-colored living room; a built-in bookcase with TV, an outdoor view, and the beams overhead.If your open concept space is overwhelmingly vast, perhaps a bit of separation is needed between the zones.Folding screens, a see-through shelving unit, tall potted trees, or columns can be used to create separation.In my last home, many of my design plans were foiled by baseboard heaters and an ugly metal spiral staircase located smack dab in the center of the living room!The baseboard heaters didn't allow me to hang the coveted ceiling to floor draperies I desired and the spiral staircase made arranging furniture a special challenge.In your home it may be a fireplace, an angled wall, inconveniently located doorways or windows, built-in bookcases, an air conditioner, a bulky radiator or floor vents.Baseboard heaters, radiators and vents - All heat sources need at least 6 inches of space to operate effectively and safely.Don’t allow furniture or window treatments to touch radiators and baseboard heaters and keep floor vents clear as well.Traffic pattern is the natural flow of people moving through a space, the paths in and out of a room and the areas where you walk the most. .

The Challenges ⁠and Opportunities of Open-Concept Floor Plans

"Any style can work well, but the primary consideration is how furniture pieces look from all sides," says Wilkinson."Hard-working fabrics and solid woods pre-distressed with waxed finishes are my favorite.Color can create cohesion within certain areas, Rojas notes, and decorative screens—as well as aptly placed shelving—create separate spaces within an open design. .



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