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The Story Of How An Old Public Transportation Bus Became A Home

I often pass by a public transportation bus and feel sorry for the poor brakes and the uncomfortable seats. I don’t know why but I definitely don’t feel welcome there. It’s like living in a bus. So the bus has some serious potential for becoming your own private space where you can feel comfortable, where you can have some privacy and where you can enjoy all the niceries of public transportation.

It’s a beautiful story and there are many ways in which you can contribute to this story.For example, if you have the nerve to think of turning the old bus into a DIY project, we have just the thing for you. It’s a beautiful and original project and it has a very fitting name: Friendship.

The Story Of How An Old Public Transportation Bus Became A Home Photo 2

The bus originally had four wheels and it was very easy to transform it. The seats were removed and the bottom section of the bus was transformed to make the sleeping space. Lighter colors and materials were used throughout and the result is basically a DIY extension of the old bus. There are of course some changes to be made, like installing the wires and the metal eyelets and foot restraints but this is what the original looks like. So it’s not exactly a bus these days. However, this project can inspire you to give the old buses a second chance.{found on build-self}.

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