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DIY: Art Deco-Themed Storage Solutions

Add a little magic to your living space this summer using the magic tinted cool shades of Art Deco style. Use simple, clear containers to bring out the hidden charm of this deco times. Perfect for showcasing, storing or even storing small items. Perfect for any room, used to showcase artwork or simply as a favor piece. Let’s quickly walk through the main steps to implementing this idea.


First, you’ll want to find a plain white plastic container to use as a base for your project. Found on Michaels, this one is perfect for this project but anything with a thin base will work. Then grab yourself a piece of scrap cardboard. The size of your cardboard will depend on the size of your container. Remember to leave space around the cardboard ends for hanging. Trace around the cardboard with a sharpie pen.

DIY: Art Deco-Themed Storage Solutions Photo 2

Next, you’ll need to cut a piece of clear glass very short height. To do this, measure the end of the glass and cut it very close to the center. Drill a hole through the glass at your desired depth. Drill a small hole in the center of the container first. Then, using a large drill bit, drill a hole just big enough to fit the glass inside of it.

DIY: Art Deco-Themed Storage Solutions Photo 3

Fill the transparent container with your desired items. Next, stick the cardboard pieces you cut to the sides of the glass with a strong glue. Cover the cardboard completely but not the sides so that your cardboard pieces won’t be visible when you light the candle.

DIY: Art Deco-Themed Storage Solutions Photo 5

Now, light up your candle and enjoy the stylish look of this piece of art! You’ll need to do this sort of project for all your decorative items in the house. It allows you to think pattern but also to have fun designing the items. And, again, you can find origami and porcelain inspired designs here.

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