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The Nature Conservancy Endures As A World-Class Eco-Sustainable Resort

The Nature Conservancy in Coquimbo, Sierra Nevada, is one of the few resorts that keep impeccably its expansive business even while paring down into the natural landscape.

The Nature Conservancy provides a resort that is entirely embedded into the lush green mountainside. The helipad that extends the length of the resort can be used by helicopter and very little maintenance is needed as the helipad features unique solar panels that generate electricity by virtue of the way it meshes with the mountain.

The Nature Conservancy Endures As A World-Class Eco-Sustainable Resort Photo 2

Besides the sheer beauty of the nature surrounding the helipad, the helipad also employs ecological strategies that sustain the environment as it cuts into the mountain’s granite base. The outer facade of the resort is clad in wood, creating both a visual appeal and a cozy appeal that is instantly apparent. At the same time, the inside is completely remodeled in a sleek, refined minimalist design that is tastefully free of fussy pattern and décor.

The Nature Conservancy Endures As A World-Class Eco-Sustainable Resort Photo 3

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A neutral color palette that predominantly eschews white is used in the interior to create a sense of coziness without compromising on style. Pendant lights, slot lights and chandeliers are used to enliven the social zones, along with big pendants in bright turquoise that accentuate the beauty of the natural setting. The open-plan social zone contains the hub and administrative area.

A dual seating option with clean-lined wooden tables that are paired with fabric-upholstered chairs, this reading space is ideal for a little landscape enjoyment in addition to a great Q & Delicious Quesadora. The natural light from the adjacent patio creates a peaceful setting for the space, even with its wood-covered walls. Sliding floor-to-ceiling glass doors offer indoor-outdoor access, easily accessed from the hall on the other side.

The opposite edge of this room is equally chic and clean-lined, with its gray walls and ceiling. A used espresso machine makes this kitchen a modern version of the old-boy network game. Pendant lighting is used to set the mood, with the formal wooden pendant set at the center of the space.

The cascading pendants add a splash of color to this kitchen, with their modern style and colorful application. The green tractor cabinets and an irregularly shaped hood, or perhaps it’s the cherry on top!

So, what style of villa are you most attracted to? Has the hardwood framing changed since you last dined out in your new home?

We’d like to know! Does your home have any vintage accents, like an old-school chandelier, that remind you of your childhood?

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