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A Brazilian Home With A Fresh And Casual Design

P+0 Arquitetura are the brains behind Casa Sao Paulo, a private residence located in A Coruire, Brazil. Completed in 2011, this home is a serene and chic place to rest after a long and busy day of work.

As the name of the project suggests, the home was inspired by the surroundings, the sun, the sea and nature, although this is the main inspiration source for its design. Designers Miesha Andrulaita and Eduardo Alves chose a Brazilian design icon as their main source of inspiration for the overall shape and design of the house. Combining simplicity and elegance, the house has a neutral white backdrop which allows the structure to blend in with its surrounding environment.

A Brazilian Home With A Fresh And Casual Design Photo 2

The interior design is simple and tasteful, featuring stunning views from certain rooms of the house. The best viewed by those relaxing in the hammock in the rocking chair, others enjoying the view from the open deck would be on the second floor, where the living room and the master bedroom are located, or on the rooftop veranda as well.

The stylish and minimalist exterior gives way to a subtly elegant interior, dominated by white interior décor with bold architectural details such as the gorgeous fireplace and the beautiful arabesque furniture. The layout is also purposeful, explaining the rationale behind introducing a spiral staircase in the house, proving to be a wonderful place for family and social gatherings.

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