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The Loom Designed For Outdoor Lamp

The composition of the Loom is truly unique and interesting. This is a product that has something very special. That something has its origin in the name of the product. The design is rather abstract. It resembles a pale tent yet there’s still plenty of material around it.

The Loom is a unique lamp designed for those moments when you want to admire the views, the colors or the landscape but you also want to spend some time outside. It was designed by Dinar Shamed, a Russian architect and a contemporary islamic. The Loom is actually a traditional tent yet it manages to be very modern. There’s a ton of free space and it has an inventive crock structure. Inside it there’s a worktop with an integrated counter and a separator so that things can be moved around and to not make a mess when filling the space.

The Loom Designed For Outdoor Lamp Photo 2

The Loom is particularly useful when you’re on the road. You can take a nap, relax, enjoy some quiet time with your family and you can also have a coffee in a cozy bed. The Loom is simple and it can be personalized in a lot of ways. Some people might find it simple but they might find it colorful and fun so decide which type you prefer. Loom is also versatile, very comfortable and fun. It’s made of organic cotton canvas and it’s available in different sizes. When you’re not using it as a tent you can transform it into a tent, shelter and get a good night’s sleep. It’s colorful and fun and it’s also easy to configure.

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