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The First Luxury Prototype Of A 3D Digital Recreation

This amazing piece of art was created by designer Peter Moore and it’s called the first prototype of a 3D digital recreation. It basically shows the best. The idea behind the project was to combine science with culture and to come up with a fascinating discussion topic. It’s also a nice way to propose to the world the first 3D digital recreation in the simplest and simplest form.

The idea behind the project is actually not that different from many of the other dreamcatchers and prototypes that we have seen so far. This particular model is not fully 3D but it is a lot more complex and realistic. The model is composed of many drawings, planning and spatializations and the user is the one who creates the virtual reality.

The First Luxury Prototype Of A 3D Digital Recreation Photo 3

The user is in fact a lot more important than the actual design or digital device that he/she’s using. So here’s a very interesting concept: a 3D dreamcatcher. It’s not very clear what it means but some of us have definitely found something wrong here, so we’re going to try to explain it in a funny way. Suppose that you’re walking home and you see a black cat. You can use the device that Peter Moore designed for him (it’s a CNC machine) and catch a glimpse of a very cute cat. But unlike most cats, this one has no idea what’s it is used for. Instead it imagines different scenarios and it enjoys doing that.{found on behance}

The First Luxury Prototype Of A 3D Digital Recreation Photo 4

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