Wallpaper Ideas For The Living Room

Wallpaper Ideas For The Living Room
Raymond R. James October 13, 2021

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Wallpaper Ideas For The Living Room

For a home full of adults, the living room can be a great place for luxurious specialty wallpapers.Traditional wallpaper patterns like damask, toile, and classic flowers are perfect for a formal living room.Delicate decor with subtle damask in a neutral color palette makes this champagne living room the very picture of luxury.These beautiful gold foil wallpapers catch the light against a backdrop of rich, contemporary colors.Gentle greenery is welcome in any home, and leafy wallpaper is the easiest way to bring a natural look to your living room.From traditional roses to flourishing tropical leaves, Wallpaper Boulevard’s refreshing selection is sure to satisfy any plant-lover.This home is cozy and fun with an amusing pug pattern from Wallpaper Boulevard’s Madcap Cottage collection.These are great options for rooms that don’t need any more visual interest, like this rich red entryway.From classic embossed florals to rich damask to a subtle sheen, silk wallpaper adds a little something extra to matte prints.The living room is a shared space, so when one person in the household likes bold stripes and another prefers pastel florals, a compromise must be reached.Keep the decor simple along the accent wall, but don’t forget to tie in the dynamic wallpaper color.For visual interest in a neutral color palette, these tonal geometrics are simultaneously subtle and bold.Wallpaper is available in classic styles, simple geometrics, flowers, textures, and scrolls -- but what about patterns that share your love of books and music?There are hundreds of handsome blue waves, fish, ships, and other nautical themes for lovers of the sea.Hunters can enjoy birch trees, woodland scenes, or even discreet damask wallpaper with stags hidden in the pattern.A love of heavy antiques calls for delicate classic patterns, like scrolls or florals with a light touch.This living room uses sharp lines against a soft-focused wallpaper pattern to draw the eye to the fireplace and modern furnishings.Stylecaster says, “wallpapers are such an easy way to elevate your home without doing major renovations, so choose your favorite now, and keep it as long as you love it.You’ll be amazed at how much a few pieces of paper can change the look and feel of a space.” The options are nearly endless, but there’s little risk in trying out wallpaper in your living room.But for families whose tastes change like the weather, wallpapering the living room is a fun and easy way to keep your home in style and on-trend. .

75 Beautiful Wallpaper Living Room Pictures & Ideas

Beautiful Wine storage and Marble fireplace created a unique atmosphere of coziness and elegance in the interior. .

14 living room wallpaper ideas for an easy update

The best thing about living room wallpaper ideas is how instantly they can completely change the look and feel of a space.From bold deep floral prints that will add instant, to subtle textured paper that you barely notice, there are so many options out there to suit all styles and all spaces.How do you use the room too?The floral print used in this living room could potentially overwhelm the space, but just a hint of pattern in the alcoves creates the perfect feature and ties together the color scheme too.We all know this isn't really a bookshelf, but we still love the texture and interest and quirkiness prints like these bring to a room.As there's no repeat pattern these can feel less busy than wallpaper but still add pattern and interest to the room.Make shelving really stand out by wallpapering the space behind them.Be bold with your living room wallpaper.Mix rich tones with gold for a dramatic look.In this living room, the very traditional ornate wallpaper actually came with the property, but rather than paint over it to suit the contemporary furniture, it was left to create the perfect contrast with all the clean lines and Mid-century style of the rest of the space.This works especially well if you have alcoves – pick one style for the alcoves and another for the chimney breast.Reflective wallpaper can work wonders in small or dark living rooms, bouncing more light around making them feel bigger and brighter.They are also a good option to mix into a very dark color palette like the one used in this living room to give all those rich deep hues a lift and stop the room feeling oppressive.Which wallpaper is best for a living room?How do I choose a living room wallpaper?Botanicals and florals can create a tranquil yet colourful look that's uplifting as well as relaxing; or you may want to opt for a bold geometric print if you have a love of contemporary design.Should you wallpaper the whole room?'However, if you do choose a feature wall, make sure to select complementary paint for the remaining walls such as the ground colour or print colour of the wallpaper.'.Annika agrees, saying: 'If you want to wallpaper a room, I think committing to the paper and decorating the whole room is the way to go.It will bring a cohesive and elegant feel to your living room.'A patterned wall can actually make the space feel bigger and will bring a newfound energy to the room. '.Of course, you don't have to wallpaper the whole room to create a striking look; if you want to simply give a nod to print, try wallpapering the alcoves, or choose a feature wall or smaller space to play with pattern.


12 Living Room Wallpaper Ideas

Wallpaper is a simple, yet oh-so stylish way to add a bit of pizzazz to a living room. .

21 clever wallpaper ideas to inspire your next home update

Wallpaper can be one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to transform your home, and with innovations in paste-the-wall wallpaper, it can even be a quick DIY project. .

How to Choose the Right Wallpaper for Your Interiors

The choices for glam wallpaper include embossed, flocked, crystal or glitter embedded or dramatic reflective designs.Rustic: Select a textured wallpaper, such as a grasscloth for depth, plaid for warmth or a wildlife pattern to fit your theme.Select a textured wallpaper, such as a grasscloth for depth, plaid for warmth or a wildlife pattern to fit your theme.Victorian: A baroque floral damask makes a good wallpaper for this period style.You may decide to use a small pattern in a large den where the space is broken up by windows, doors and built-in furniture.In a cozy living room or den design, you might opt for a textured wallpaper, such as grasscloth, embossed or flocked.The pattern and color contrast will give the optical illusion of drawing the walls in closer for a cozier feel to the room.Accent Walls One of the greatest things about wallpaper is the ability to transform a room into a design with depth and style.Choose the wall behind the bed for an elegant and warming design visual for the master bedroom.Go dramatic with your accent wallpaper, like with a zebra print or lush tropical leaf pattern.An Art Deco geometric wallpaper design might be the "wow" factor you've been seeking for the wall behind the dining room sideboard.Alternatively, you may prefer to paint the wall below the chair rail and use wallpaper above it or vice versa. .

Living Room Wallpaper

Our wallpapers offer a wide range of modern designs, so if you are looking for a drawing room wallpaper to match your new sofa or chic coffee table, you will find it here. .



New Tiles Design For Living Room

New Tiles Design For Living Room.

Here’s a very creative idea for your bathroom flooring – a printed floral motif tile.Tiles with unusual, carpets inspired decorative patterns are used on the entire floor surface of a living room.Hand painted patchwork tiles with a subtle floral motif and aged look (below), on a bathroom floor, from Rinascimento collection by Eco Ceramica.Designed with bathroom flooring in mind, below is a tile sample from the patterned series La Ceramica d’Eccellenza by Eco Ceramica.Suitable for a vintage style living room or a bathroom, this patchwork tile design (below) has an aged appearance and is from Le Civilta collection by Eco Ceramica.Also designed for flooring, below is another tile idea for a vintage bathroom in floral patchwork pattern from La Sete Preziose collection – light violet color tones for a serene room design.A living room flooring (below) in Victorian look ceramic tile from the Ornamenti collection by Eco Ceramica.A beautiful floor design created with the tiny tile mosaic from Eco Ceramica.Adore your luxury living room flooring with a decorative tile rug, created with porcelain tile from the Auris collection by Peronda.An unusual hexagonal floor tile design with a more classic motif, from La Galleria collection.A bathroom floor in concrete look tile with decorative flower motif inserts, from the Seaside porcelain collection by La Fabbrica.

Diy Fall Living Room Decor

Diy Fall Living Room Decor.

When it comes to fall, Ree Drummond is all about comfort food and coziness.Whether you’re holding a gathering with friends and family that could use some fall prettiness or you want to look around your spaces throughout fall and relish in the warm and fuzzies, we’ve got you covered with these DIY decorations from the most creative bloggers.

Living Room Decorating Ideas Split Level

Living Room Decorating Ideas Split Level.

Our living room is the first thing you see when you walk in.The only natural light that we get in this whole living/dining space is through the window, which is northern-facing.Here are the problems I’m having with this space and things to consider:.– The rooms feel dark and gloomy for 97% of the day since there’s just one northern-facing window in the living room, so I need to consider supplemental lighting.Bonus if I can configure a layout that looks good, flows and can break up the living room and dining room.To show you how much space I have to work with, here’s a rough floor plan:.