Living Room Wall Decor Diy

Living Room Wall Decor Diy
Raymond R. James December 6, 2021

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Living Room Wall Decor Diy

It might sound kind of intimidating, but we’re here to tell you that lots of DIY paintings, embroidery pieces, and abstract artwork isn’t as hard to make as you think and can create a striking accent wall in your home. .

40 DIY Wall Art Ideas for Living Room

DIY Wall Art for the living room is an excellent choice!Wall art if you purchase it most often costs about $50 and up, this is something people are willing to pay when they find something terrific and that is high quality.We’ve found you 40 terrific wall art projects, ideal for the living room.You’ll see painting, scrapbooking, projects with quotes, geometric wall art and so much more here.If you want to sell wall art, we recommend you visit the homes of a couple of family members and friends, to notice their decor and see what is important to them.Try to get a sense of what type of wall art you want to create and what your ideal customer is, who would be buying it from you.DIY Roman Numerals Wedding Date Art.Semi DIY Colorful Canvas Art.Display your best artwork in this unique floating frame.Here is wall art you’ll love to have in your living room.Acrylic Birch Tree Painting DIY.Make wall art that includes their paw prints!Pick your favorite and make it “pop” on a canvas.Make Easy DIY Art with a Canvas Stretcher Frame and Pretty Fabric.Show them off in these unique wall art style planters.White Birch Slices Wall Sculpture.White Birch slices in the shape of a heart.Verse of the Week Wall Art DIY.What’s great about this wall art is that you can change it all the time.DIY Large Scale Wall Tapestry.Easy Kids Art Project Citrus Stamped Canvas.DIY Farmhouse Inspired Marriage Vows.This wall art is great for a trendy living room decor.Here is a unique wall art project that is sure to be noticed.Here is living room wall art that is simple to make too.How to Make Agate Inspired Art Work.Here is a fun project, to create DIY wall art for your living room inspired by them.Try making this gold foiled art for your walls.Want to make wall art for the living room but not something in a frame?This is wall art that is simple to make but also looks lovely.DIY Large 7 Typographic Wall Art.A perfect choice if you are looking for large wall art.Celebrate the day you bought the house, your wedding anniversary or a child’s birthday.Made with spray paint and paper doileys.DIY Vintage Prints Wall Art. .

45 Inspiring Living Room Wall Decor Ideas & Photos

With over 40 living room wall art ideas, this collection will offer you inspiration to decorate your living room in a way you’ve only ever dreamed of.Living Room Wall Art Ideas.Think about what you’d love to see on the walls as soon as you walk into your living room.Maybe it’s a gallery of images from a recent trip or a personalized canvas print of art that makes your heart sing when you see it.From gallery walls to DIY pieces like framing pressed flowers and large-scale photography, we’ve got plenty of living wall art ideas to spark your creativity.Metallic Framed Prints.Your image will be turned into a timeless piece with plenty of style for your living room wall decor.Not only do metallic framed prints complement every decorating theme and color scheme, these beautiful works of art can also showcase your best memories.Press and frame them with custom frames for living room wall decor that’s natural and earthy.Postcards make for a great living room decoration since they’re very personal and affordable.Landscape Framed Canvas Art Prints.Transform it into a piece of framed canvas art prints.Canvas photo prints of landscape are the perfect way to showcase your favorite memories while hanging a unique piece of wall art that doubles as a special keepsake.Create a collection and hang them in your living room for a gallery feel.A photo gallery wall with mounted wall art makes for an ideal living room wall decor.Combine a variety of frames, canvas prints, and other wall art materials for a diverse wall art display.DIY Pet Art Prints.Turn your favorite photos of your pets into personalized pet art prints in minutes.Create several different color patterns to add accent to your living room walls.Let the kids have fun with this DIY wall art.Place your wall art as a stand-alone piece or intermix it with photo wall art.Colorful Wall Art.Make your own with wood circles and acrylic paint.Colorful wall art is great for living room decor if you have neutral furniture since the fun colors will pop and add some character to your home.Favorite Family Moments as Photo Prints.Incorporate all of your favorite memories onto the same wall with a variety of framed photo prints.Your wall of memory will look great as living room decor and give something to smile about every time you walk by.A decorative mirror in the living room is an easy way to make your space feel larger and more put together.Either option gives you fun living room decor with a personalized touch.Circle Art Framed Prints.What color is your living room wall paint?Shutterfly always let you upload your own designs to make framed art prints, so you’ll have your new wall decor in just minutes.Choose colors for your DIY painting based on the rest of the colors in your living room.Wooden Wall Art and Decor.You can print nearly any of your favorite photos on wooden wall art for a rustic or nautical feel.Add a personal touch to your living room wall decor with a family sign.Shutterfly’s wooden wall art will let you add your family name or monogram along with your favorite family photos.Choose two or more tiles to place next to each other for a photo spread.DIY Fluid Painting as Canvas Print.Turn them into glass picture frames for your favorite family photos or hang them on their own and add a wreath for color.Use bright colors that you can pair with other home decor like throw pillows to make your living room feel more modern and lively.DIY 3D Wall Art.This DIY project looks great as living room wall art and takes just a small budget for the materials.DIY Canvas Art.Multi-photo canvas prints will look great in a large living room if you have a kid’s play area since the canvas makes the space feel more inviting.Beachy Paintings or Canvas Prints.You can also print your favorite beach travel photos on canvas prints to create wall art instantly.Print the map you want to use on a photo poster first to make it look more professional.The hoops will give your photo prints a unique feel that’s more creative than standard picture frames for your living room wall decor.Update Your Living Room With Personalized Wall Art.Give your space a homey energy by infusing your living room wall decor with personal accents and memorable moments to make the most out of personalized wall art for your living room. .

32+ Best DIY Wall Decor Ideas & Art For Inspiration In 2021

Bring some magic and color into your room with this rainbow wall hanging!DIY Photo Wall Hanging.Source: Homey Oh My.Check out this DIY photo wall hanging.Whether you want the perfect place to put your succulents or a spot to display your hand painted flower pots… this would be perfect!Do you want to add a photo wall decoration but don’t know what it should look like?If you are on the hunt for unique and colorful wall décor, you have to take a look at this layered fan art piece.Polymer clay is a super fun material to work with for DIY projects.If you are a fan of clay and like using it for little crafts, use it to make this rainbow clay mobile wall hanging.DIY Heart Wall Hanging.Source:.Now, you can make it yourself following this tutorial.Scandinavian Wall Art DIY.If you fancy Scandinavian style… you’ll love this DIY wall art.DIY Flower Wall.Want to create a wall decal in your room?DIY Corkboard Wall.If you want to follow that trend and add a lunar wall decoration into your home, you can make this DIY moon phases wall hanging!Hanging Succulent Wall Decor.Check out the tutorial to make it yourself!Related DIY Post: DIY Plant Stand Ideas & Tutorials.Plants are one of the best home decorations.But, if you don’t have much space and yet want to propagate new ones, you have to check out this tutorial.DIY Wall Letters.Show your love this Valentine’s Day with this neon yarn wall hanging craft.Ready to make this lovely décor?Source: Remodelaholic.Decorating a room takes time and style!If you’re looking for a simple yet statement wall décor but don’t know what to do, take a look at these pressed plant frames.Those plants add a bit of color to the room and the glass panels prevent the frames from covering the wall.DIY Boho Rainbow Wall Decor.Source: Burkatron.If you the clay boho look, you can use it to create a rainbow wall art like this.It’s the perfect wall décor for a nursery or kids’ room!The best part is that they are easy to make and don’t take much time.Christmas is the most magical time of the year… But it’s also the best time for crafting and decorating the home with DIY projects.You need to check out this DIY project.If you want to create a practical and organized home office or study room but think your space is too small, let me prove you wrong!Well, now it can be part of your home, too, so make sure you check out this tutorial!How to Make a Yarn Wall Hanging.If you agree with this and would love to add some simplicity and color in your home, take a look at this colorful yarn wall hanging.DIY Clay Wall Hanging.This clay wall hanging is simple to make although it may take some time and it looks just amazing.Super Easy DIY Wall Art Tutorial. .

Living Room Wall Decor Ideas (15+ Ways To Beautify Your Home

Do you get tired of your living room decor?So I like to switch up my living room wall decor every once in a while.So in case your living room interior design could use a little pick me up (or maybe you’re looking for inspiration for a new home), here are some living room wall decor ideas to help get you started.We make a small commission if you buy the products from these links (at no extra cost to you).But I couldn’t have a list of living room wall decor ideas without mentioning artwork.Most people feature galleries in hallways, but they are a lovely living room wall decor idea.Once again, you can personalize it to your space by incorporating accent colors, photos you may have taken, or family pictures.This living room wall decor technique is a handy way to make one picture look a little more interesting.Abstract wall art is one of the easiest ways to incorporate color into your home.Personalize it with family photos or incorporate a small art print.Aim to include a variety of sizes and shapes for your decor pieces.For a different style of flower, check out my paper flower tutorial.Adding greenery not only brightens up your living room but adds a little bit of life and texture to your space.If you don’t have a green thumb, you can also find some really amazing faux plants on Etsy or at home stores.Paper & Stitch makes their own wreaths, using smaller ones paired together to add life and greenery to an otherwise boring and empty wall space.If you don’t like the idea of hanging wallpaper or can’t find a pattern you like, try using a stencil to paint on a design.To add more contrast, paint the moldings and/or the inside section a different color.For more pattern, install wallpaper inside the moldings.Or treat it like a gallery wall and hang pictures inside the frames.9 | Put up empty picture frames.If you like the idea of moldings, but don’t want a permanent solution, hanging empty picture frames above your sofa might be the answer.Paint the frames the same color as your wall for a monochromatic look that adds texture.She used gate doors on either side of a mirror to create a unique feature wall.Mirrors are a very useful design trick as they always make a small space look bigger and brighter.You can find more mirror decorating ideas HERE.Floating shelves can be installed just about anywhere in the living room.I love that they didn’t just do one or the other, but accessorized with picture frames and a clock.15 | Make a macramé hanging.Over 15 different living room wall decor ideas that you can use to style your space.Other living room decor ideas you might like. .

45 Best Wall Art Ideas For Every Room

Read through to see which wall decor ideas and galleries you'd like to recreate in your own home. .

50 DIY Wall Decor Ideas That Any Beginner Can Pull Off

If there’s anything that gets us excited every day it’s the prospect of new and interesting DIY projects that we can discover and share with you guys.Today we’ve put together a big list of cool DIY wall decor ideas because every space needs a dose of charm and customization in order to truly feel like home.These types of projects are really great because they don’t require you to use any big and scary tools and focus more on developing one’s creativity.Art can take infinite forms and you don’t need to be extremely talented in order to create something beautiful and eye-catching that you can display on the walls in your home.You don’t need much for this project: woven baskets in whatever size and shape you like, scissors, a large needle, cotton or yarn and plants.Air plants would be best suited for this project because they don’t require soil and instead absorb water and nutrients through their leaves.What’s nice is that you can choose your own favorite color palette for this project in order to customize it to your liking.Create a colorful backdrop for your workspace, hallway or living room or use the flowers as party decorations whenever you’re planning a fun celebration.Any leftover yarn that you may have from previous projects could be used to make colorful string wall art.The outcome will depend on the type of yarn that you decide to use, the colors and also any other alterations that you may choose to make along the way.Put your new creation on display and enjoy the cozy vibe that it imprints onto the entire room.In any case, it should be a fairly simple project but of course the difficulty and duration depend on the type of map that you choose.The materials you’ll need remain the same: a piece of plywood, string, paper, nails and a hammer.Canvas wall art is fun to make and can be personalized in all sorts of cool ways.As you’re probably aware, there’s a ton of cool DIY wall art projects that you can do for the living room, bedroom, and other major spaces.You need shadowboxes, fake fruits (or veggies), burlap, a hot glue gun, scissors, and a hammer and nails.This wall art piece is made using lots of yarn in different colors, floral wire, macrame cord, and a big needle.You can bend a long piece of craft wire using pliers and you can turn it into a lovely “remember” sign that you can attach notes and other things to.In case you find the idea of a custom, handmade memo board interesting but you didn’t really resonate with the wire one we featured earlier, check out this other cool project that we found on handmadeweekly.You can easily make something similar if you want to and all you need is glue, wood stain, a paintbrush, a hexagon template, and lots of popsicle sticks (about 100).If you’re into abstract artwork and geometric designs you might also like this DIY diamond ripple wall art idea from classyclutter.In addition to all the popsicle sticks, you should also buy some wood stain, acrylic paint, paintbrushes, and glue.You could use some jute rope to make a beautiful sign which you can display in your bedroom or up on a wall anywhere you see fit.It’s all described in detail on hymnsandverses but here’s the quick version: using a combination of corn starch, water and glue you soak the rope and then arrange in the shape that you want it to take.If you too find them interesting and worthy of becoming decorations in your home, check out this cool project idea featured on emoriekidder.It’s not a difficult project and the trickiest part would actually be to find a bunch of branches with nice shapes.The project shows how you can make wood arrows which you can turn into wall decorations for your home.All you need is silk flowers, a wooden clock cut out or a piece of plywood or cardboard and a hot glue gun.They can be effortlessly incorporated into all sorts of decors and displayed on walls along with framed artwork and pictures or by themselves.These cute succulents are made out of felt which is actually the primary material for this entire project featured on lostmom.This lovely wall-hanging decoration is crafted using an embroidery hoop, ribbon and felt in a few different colors: two shades of green for the succulents and some brown and peach for the rest.Painting an entire wall is quite easy and definitely an option but if you want to try something different and more artistic we suggest checking out this beautiful abstract mural idea from akailochiclife.It’s so beautiful how the color fades away at the top and how the bright turquoise transitions into a very soft magnolia nuance.These can stretch across the width of the wall and only cover up the bottom section, creating a nice backdrop for a table or a desk for example.Speaking of plants and interesting ways in which they can be displayed around the house, have you ever considered making some living wall art?It shows how you can use a skeleton hand (you can probably plastic ones in stores around this time of the year) to create a spooky but also stylish wall decoration.The idea is to attach the skeleton hand to a wood plaque and to position it so it can act as a shelf and hold something like a small pumpkin or a bunch of flowers for example.You can add your favorite inspirational quotes or photos to each one, and they’ll make a simple yet stunning piece of artwork.A Shade of Teal shares this clipboard gallery wall that you can make to fit a room of any size.You could paint anything you like onto your walls, but this would look lovely in the corner of a bedroom, dining room, or office.If you are looking for a simple storage solution for your home, these shoebox wall shelves are a really fun project to try.Crème de la Craft shows us how to create this easy project that will make a sophisticated set of shelves for any wall in your home.It’s no secret that purchasing artwork can be expensive, and if you aren’t artistic yourself, you probably don’t want to paint something for your home.Choose any inexpensive scarf for this project from Honey Sweet Home, and the whole thing will only take you minutes to create.This mirror from Ten June Blog doubles up as both a functional item and a piece of modern art for your home.You’ll use bamboo sticks to create this pretty sunburst pattern, which surrounds a simple mirror in the center.While this project has made quite a large mirror display, you could make this a much smaller size if you are short of space.Create this colorful and rustic piece of wall art, thanks to these instructions from Pneumatic Addict.You’ll start off with a flat piece of wood, which makes the base of your wall art.You can customize the piece to your home’s décor by painting the triangles in any shade or color you desire.Shop Sweet Things shares this super simple piece of DIY wall art that even the least artistic individuals will enjoy having a go at.You’ll use a simple sponge to print on the circles evenly, so you don’t have to worry about them having a uniform shape and size.Wall hangings are perfect for a room of any shape or size, and you can use various materials and colors to suit your needs.Sarah Belle Elizabeth offers us this beautiful wall hanging, and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to make.You’ll need lots of yarn to get started, and we recommend finding different colors and textures to play with.If you don’t feel like parting with these plates, consider adding them to a wall display.Sugar & Cloth shares this easy and cheap project that will completely transform any room it’s placed in.Ashlee Marie shows us how to make this beautiful canvas wall décor project that will light up any room in your home at night time.You’ll love waiting until it turns dark each day to switch on your canvas wall décor, and it’s the perfect backdrop for a family movie night.Funky Junk Interiors shares this Valentine’s Day project, which would still be great to display throughout the year in your home.This rustic project uses reclaimed wood in its base, and then you’ll need some heavy twine for the design.If you are looking to add some wall art to your home that will remind you of the summer all year long, try out this project from Lake Girl Paints.This bold and colorful painting will look great in your kitchen and will brighten up the room at any time of the year.For anyone who doesn’t have a large garden space, you can create a piece of wall art that brings the outdoors into your home.It’s a really pretty yet simple way of brightening up your home and will add more greenery into a small apartment.None of these projects will take you much time or money to complete and are a fun way to liven up any wall in your home.We love reusing old items that would otherwise go to waste in our DIY projects, which many of the ideas listed here today do. .



Living Room Ideas Gray Floor

Living Room Ideas Gray Floor.

With a long row of dancing flames and built-in fans, the 4415 gas fireplace is not only an excellent heater but a beautiful focal point in your home.

Living Room Layout Simulator

Living Room Layout Simulator.

You can set the dimensions of every room, choose features such as fireplaces, windows and doorways and pick your favorite paint color.You can register with our room designer software to be able to log back in at any time to view or modify your saved work.We wanted to create the best and most thorough web-based Room Design tool available!Our Room Designer tool is very accurate and you'll be able to set the dimensions of your space in the first step.As always, properly measure your room and check the documented dimensions of yor new furniture to ensure it will fit.You can now add items directly to your Shopping Cart from the 3D Room Designer! .

Living Room Design Tall Ceilings

Living Room Design Tall Ceilings.

Psychology aside, high ceilings are one of the best attributes you can have in a home; they open up your rooms and sometimes even give them a feeling of grandeur.That said, the real challenge with high ceilings is that there’s simply a lot of vertical space to fill, which can be difficult.Otherwise, here are some tricks on how to decorate a living room with high ceilings, using scale and proportion in your favor to create a space that feels balanced and cozy.To make high ceilings stand out without your room feeling spare and empty, paint an accent wall in a warm color.In this living room, the inlet accent wall in yellow appears cozy and welcoming around the large windows.It’s a surefire way to make any large living room with high ceilings feel layered and cozy.Dark color walls have a way of disrupting scale and proportion in rooms so that everything else in the space pops instead, like furniture and accents.This is an easy trick that both opens up the room by reflecting light and makes the space feel instantly elevated and lived-in.What better way to balance out high ceilings than a row of tall bookcases that fill up your empty wall space.It’s a great use of vertical and horizontal space, both as storage and as a focal point that connects the lower half of the room with the upper ceiling.High ceilings are perfect backdrops for large decorative lighting fixtures, like a globe pendant or a giant chandelier.Here, the modern metal pendant in this living room makes for a cool design element at the ceiling level that instantly draws the eye up.Consider furniture that’s proportional to your space still, meaning pieces that are wide and tall, like floor to ceiling curtains and shelving or a chesterfield sofa, so they fill out the room vertically and horizontally.Trees and other tall greenery that add height will accentuate high ceilings in a living room.At the same time, they’ll act as a bridge that can tie together the overall space visually by drawing the eye from the floor to the ceiling.Additionally, tall plants are also a great way to add a touch of color and texture to the unadorned vertical space in a high-ceilinged room.In this living room, the curved floor lamp helps to fill out a corner area while adding height that eases the loftiness of the high ceilings.If you’re feeling unsure, get our tips on how to decorate large blank walls to see how you can create a sense of coziness in spare, high-ceilinged spaces.