Living Room Decor For Coffee Table

Living Room Decor For Coffee Table
Raymond R. James January 14, 2022

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Living Room Decor For Coffee Table

We’ve got living room coffee table décor ideas and inspiration to create a dreamy space you’ll never want to leave.Notice how the light wood makes the dark accent wall even more dramatic, but pleasantly draws the eye down to the even lighter area rug.In fact, a neutral coffee table lets you play more with colors in the pillows, poufs, and wall art in your living room.In this living room we have mixed metals, faux leather accent chairs, calming neutrals, and a gloriously soft area rug.The cherry on top lies with the coffee table with its rich mahogany color, elegant and medieval triangular candle holders, wooden beads, and a couple books to add a third element.This living space also features mixed metals, but its lighter color scheme really bounces natural light off every nook and cranny.The glam cascades down the walls of this stunningly tall room, dancing off the blues of the sectional and animal print accent chair, and finally skirting around the hexagonal coffee table, polished off by the delicate orchids on top.Smita Patel at Element in Winter Garden really went out of her way to help me capture my unique style and to combine it with a homey, boho vibe.This tray shows how a few wood decorations can both tie in the various tones of your table as well as add to a stack of small books for a pleasing trifecta.With a nod to a long-standing tradition, a few books on your coffee table can really invite relaxation in your living room—before they know it, screens are turned off and members of your family are engrossed in learning about the fjords of Iceland or the history of fashion throughout the years!If you notice, the books are on the end where it’s more natural to lounge with a good read, versus the accent chairs that are more geared towards visiting with guests.If there are already a lot of squares or long shapes in this area, opt for a round coffee table to add a bit of surprise to your guests’ eye.The creams, dark grays, and natural greens from the plans are singularly unified at this deep brown coffee table with a 360° shape that stretches toward all the large pieces around it, pulling each of them towards the middle.Swirling patterns on the floors and wall are met with various browns and grays in this lovely room, leaving the coffee table to truly take the cake.This incredible table fits the space perfectly and adds a metallic center point that really brings the surrounding furniture together.With over a decade of experience in her role as Internet Sales Manager in M/I Homes of Orlando, Aisha's ready to share a wealth of knowledge on all these topics and more. .

Coffee Tables to Fit Your Home Decor

A living room essential, a good coffee table will feel warm and familiar – and transform any space with refreshing elegance.Look for bold centerpieces and chic decorative accents to bring your new coffee table to life – and make it yours.For clean symmetry, stick to two of the same designs, or pair contrasting colors and silhouettes for an eclectic flair. .

59 Best Coffee Table Decor Ideas (2022 Guide)

A coffee table can house books, floral arrangements, candles, cute decorations, unique accessories and often come with a great centerpiece.A copper-toned urn filled with fragrant pink cabbage roses completes the modern style for a chic living room.Group several substantial decorative pieces together in a basket – things like a stoneware vase and ceramic bowl filled with moss – next to heavy books.Make a small living room feel bigger with a mirrored table with interesting geometrical elements.Stage the space with thematically-appropriate elements like a textured gold box with an interlocking square closure and a three-dimensional geometrical knot figurine.This example includes a mirrored gilt-edged tray, brass succulent planter, and a gold decorative dish shaped like a lotus.Bring the farmhouse indoors by adorning a whitewashed wooden coffee table with little pots of fresh herbs instead of a more traditional centerpiece.So if you gravitate towards ritzy furnishings like mirrored coffee tables, faux fur throws, glittering decorative pillows, and fine art, then books featuring high-end designers will be right at home.When it comes to creating beautiful decor in the spring, a floral coffee table can be the perfect addition to your living room.Set different decorative elements on each stack – a figurine, marble coasters, a scented candle, and a vase with a floral arrangement.If you only have room for a small side table in your corner reading nook, make it feel more substantial with simple decor.A neutral beige living room couch can become hyper-feminine with the addition of pale pink, shimmery throw pillows.Bring the same philosophy to a neutral glass coffee table by adorning it with tall white taper candles and pink books highlighting style icons.Just set a sturdy round tray on your ottoman, and fill it with the things you might otherwise keep on a table like candles, a vase of flowers and other decorative elements.Contrast a velvety rectangular couch with a mirrored square coffee table filled with elements like a cylindrical vase, little round glitzy disco balls, and a starburst figurine.Modernize it with a glass table and reflective mirrored tray, then bring white back into with accessories of varying textures.Line a mirrored gilt tray with interesting items like a gold hourglass with black sand and brass and ceramic bowls.A sturdy iron and wood coffee table makes an excellent focal point in the living room of a contemporary farmhouse.Bring in natural elements via round moss ball topiaries and an antique horse figurine in rough-hewn wood.In an airy living room filled with bright abstract art, even table decor should have a quirky, upscale feel.This makes the perfect centerpiece for an industrial loft with lots of natural light and plenty of contemporary art.Large antique wooden spools once used for rope or industrial cabling make excellent upcycled bases.Other vintage items like a large metal platter and oversized glass jars complement the statement piece, while jewel-encrusted votive holders elevate the look.Make a visually enticing tableau by grouping together several items in navy and assorted shades of pink, including a potted succulent, candles, slate coasters, and a small flower arrangement.A couch piled with large, soft pillows in a variety of textiles carries over thematically thanks to coffee table candles encased in hand-knitted cozies.A square table with clean lines topped with a vase filled with greenery and not much else provides a neutral place to help focus your eye.A contemporary living room with beige walls and bright white furniture gains warmth from a honey brown wood top.Add just a hint of color and texture in the form of accents like pale pink cabbage roses in a gleaming silver vase.A large, round leather ottoman is soft enough to rest your feet on, and still firm enough to place decorative elements on.Whether that’s a tarnished silver platter from goodwill, milk pitcher full of pussy willows, or wooden shoe from your trip to Holland, all that matters is that it looks good and has a cool story.If you prefer to keep your table simple, clean and neat, consider getting a large box with storage where you can hide and organize decorative items.Keep anything else you do leave out, like books or seasonal decor, in a tray that’s easy to move or hide when tabletop space is needed.Square up books, journals, and decorative boxes and enjoy the zen that a perfectly organized home can bring.With just one round wooden tray, three vases, and a large, riotous bouquet of greenery and pink and white blooms, you can bring tons of visual interest to an otherwise understated room.Turn your center table into a cool shadow box commemorating your collection of dried starfish, sea urchins, and shells.A small apartment or loft seems more spacious when filled with bright white and grey color schemes as well as furniture with sleek, modern lines.Pick a single book to adorn your living room table, and choose a small potted plant instead of a large flower arrangement.A living room table with cool legs can be adorned with visually interesting crystal figurines to add additional flair.A long white sofa with clean straight lines plays nicely against a live edge coffee table with a polished warm surface.Stack books underneath and gather an assortment of diverse accessories to the top as the table is so low-profile it’s essentially invisible. .



Living Room Ideas Gray Floor

Living Room Ideas Gray Floor.

With a long row of dancing flames and built-in fans, the 4415 gas fireplace is not only an excellent heater but a beautiful focal point in your home.

Living Room Layout Simulator

Living Room Layout Simulator.

You can set the dimensions of every room, choose features such as fireplaces, windows and doorways and pick your favorite paint color.You can register with our room designer software to be able to log back in at any time to view or modify your saved work.We wanted to create the best and most thorough web-based Room Design tool available!Our Room Designer tool is very accurate and you'll be able to set the dimensions of your space in the first step.As always, properly measure your room and check the documented dimensions of yor new furniture to ensure it will fit.You can now add items directly to your Shopping Cart from the 3D Room Designer! .

Living Room Design Tall Ceilings

Living Room Design Tall Ceilings.

Psychology aside, high ceilings are one of the best attributes you can have in a home; they open up your rooms and sometimes even give them a feeling of grandeur.That said, the real challenge with high ceilings is that there’s simply a lot of vertical space to fill, which can be difficult.Otherwise, here are some tricks on how to decorate a living room with high ceilings, using scale and proportion in your favor to create a space that feels balanced and cozy.To make high ceilings stand out without your room feeling spare and empty, paint an accent wall in a warm color.In this living room, the inlet accent wall in yellow appears cozy and welcoming around the large windows.It’s a surefire way to make any large living room with high ceilings feel layered and cozy.Dark color walls have a way of disrupting scale and proportion in rooms so that everything else in the space pops instead, like furniture and accents.This is an easy trick that both opens up the room by reflecting light and makes the space feel instantly elevated and lived-in.What better way to balance out high ceilings than a row of tall bookcases that fill up your empty wall space.It’s a great use of vertical and horizontal space, both as storage and as a focal point that connects the lower half of the room with the upper ceiling.High ceilings are perfect backdrops for large decorative lighting fixtures, like a globe pendant or a giant chandelier.Here, the modern metal pendant in this living room makes for a cool design element at the ceiling level that instantly draws the eye up.Consider furniture that’s proportional to your space still, meaning pieces that are wide and tall, like floor to ceiling curtains and shelving or a chesterfield sofa, so they fill out the room vertically and horizontally.Trees and other tall greenery that add height will accentuate high ceilings in a living room.At the same time, they’ll act as a bridge that can tie together the overall space visually by drawing the eye from the floor to the ceiling.Additionally, tall plants are also a great way to add a touch of color and texture to the unadorned vertical space in a high-ceilinged room.In this living room, the curved floor lamp helps to fill out a corner area while adding height that eases the loftiness of the high ceilings.If you’re feeling unsure, get our tips on how to decorate large blank walls to see how you can create a sense of coziness in spare, high-ceilinged spaces.