Living Room And Kitchen Design Ideas

Living Room And Kitchen Design Ideas
Raymond R. James November 25, 2021

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Living Room And Kitchen Design Ideas

The open concept of the living zones in modern architecture and design places the modern kitchen into the center of the decor composition.And usually, in the open floor concept, the dining area gives the symbolic border between the food preparation zone and the rest of the daily living space.Apart from the social benefits of such layout, the feel of spaciousness, free movement and open space for the home is not to be underestimated.With clever design arrangement, even a small home can appear big and spacious when a free flow is established between the main zones of living premises.Open Concept Kitchen and Living Room Layouts.This type of kitchen arrangement revolves around a one-wall setting that host different modules of kitchen appliances aiming for a linear configuration, which makes it the most simple and clear-lined way to compose a cooking corner into the open layout of the home.Offering comfort, practical distribution of space and enough countertops and cabinets to host all the necessary appliances of one’s kitchen – the L shaped configuration is a good, classic choice to go with.The easy going and stylish dynamics of the L-shaped kitchen’s configuration offers a great variety of design choices one can go for.Almost as defining a room within a room, this functional and we may add – cozy kitchen arrangement is especially suitable for vast open plan layouts or if one desires a more cozy definition of the food preparation zone.In reality, the U-shaped kitchen configuration works equally well in small and large spaces, offering multiple cabinets and practical surface choices for the cook.U-shaped modular kitchen configuration offers a very cozy expression of separate functions introducing a well-defined cooking corner within an open space layout.The kitchen island concept is offering a countertop surface and storage unit that stands freely in the kitchen layout without being connected to the rest of the kitchen modules, providing the possibility for free movement around it, stylish dynamic and unique decor composition.Either way, the kitchen island unit is always a stylish and usable choice that can help you define an extra working surface in for example L-shaped configuration, it can also help you to segment the kitchen into different zones, so that more than one person can work in the kitchen without any significant interference.Small Open Concept Kitchen.As we established already the open floor layout with its simplicity of structure and openness and ease of movement is quite trendy in contemporary design scene.Black Open Plan Kitchen.As a matter of fact, the black compositions can be quite demanding and characteristic, and that’s the reason most house owners avoid the combination: black and kitchen.The very creative Ukrainian studio Yo Dezeen have some inspired projects in which the black is the dominating color when it comes of kitchen and the living room premises.White Open Plan Kitchen.White is a good color for opening up and lighting up the decor compositions – so it is especially applicable when there is a dynamic open plan kitchen composition but on a small scale even the tiniest premise can host enough modular surfaces without looking crowded if a light color combination and simplistic shapes are creatively applied.The Millennial Pink is also not losing its hot ant trendy position, we encounter it quite often as a design color in trendy furniture design and upholstery, as a wall color or just as a decorative element.Here are three examples of how such premises can be adequate to modern lifestyle and offer comfort and elegance thanks to the clever incorporation of light into the design compositions.The modular kitchen by Vipp separates the open floor space into a food preparation zone, and a living premise and the designers use large windows with characteristic silhouettes to illuminate different elements of the decor.Using the light to create comfortable and welcoming ambiance gives you home certain appeal, elegance and unique character.Using pure and simple color combinations allows you to introduce bolder colors into your interior decor composition without making it heavy or crowded.Establishing a Natural Approach through openings, views, materials and design elements requires certain architectural pre-givings but bringing Nature into your home is always possible.Introducing abundance of natural light into the kitchen zone is always a plus.There are many elegant and creative ways to separate, or more precisely to signify the symbolic border between the kitchen and living room premises without actually creating different rooms with walls and doors.Another frequently used approach for separation between the food preparation zone and the living space in the open layout arrangement is the glass partition – a trendy and functional knack that, although visually do not separates – light and view still go through – gives a certain level of privacy between the two zones. .

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