Living Room Curtains Blue Grey

Living Room Curtains Blue Grey
Raymond R. James January 9, 2022


Living Room Curtains Blue Grey

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Grey Blue Curtains

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Blue Curtains & Drapes for Any Room

Curtains are often-overlooked, but they are an essential finishing touch that can make a room feel fully decorated and inviting.Here, you'll find window coverings made from textured linens and silky fabrics in a variety of colors and styles.And when you use the color blue to decorate, you can achieve almost anything from a polished, modern look to a relaxed, beach style makeover.Navy blue curtains, on the other hand, always look classic when paired against lighter colored walls such as tan, gray, and cream-colored rooms.Blue is a color that truly pops and draws the eyes to it, making it perfect for your bedroom, bathroom, nursery or living room.For the living room or master bedroom, other colors like grey and black curtains can help accentuate your style.Whether traditional, mid-century modern, coastal, or contemporary, you'll be able to find great window treatments for your style. .

What Color Curtain Goes With Blue Walls?

Choosing the right color to go with your walls is important, as it can make or break the design scheme of your room.Today we’re going to be sharing the best colors to compliment blue walls and complete your interior design scheme.These crisp white curtains set off the navy blue of these walls nicely, giving the space a sophisticated yet modern feel.The gradient that creates the stripes breaks up the color nicely, giving it more depth and interest without being too ‘loud’ or busy.The fabric used for these curtains is heavy and thermal, with a silk-like appearance, making them the perfect choice for a luxurious and relaxing bedroom.The blush pink from the curtains contrasts well against the deep blue walls allowing them to stand out, and bringing a softer edge to an otherwise masculine room.The material of these curtains are part of the reason they work so well, as they let the light through while still allowing privacy from the outside.The way these curtains hang in perfectly straight lines thanks to their grommet header, adds the perfect finishing touch to this blue living room design scheme, framing the windows in beautiful clean lines with a subtle color change from the blue.Although these curtains are modern looking, thanks to the classic neutral color they still work really well in this farmhouse style dining room, giving the whole space a timeless feel – gorgeous!The warm rust red contrasts beautifully with the cool blue of the walls creating a wonderfully pleasing scheme.If you have midnight blue walls in your home then these charcoal grey and white geometric patterned curtains could work really well.The intricate geometric pattern and contrasting color makes these curtains a feature in the room against the deep blue walls, and the lighter color and sheer material of the curtains works well around windows letting more light filter into the space during the daytime.Pro tip: Use this color wheel tool to find the exact complimentary shade to go with your paint choice.These gorgeous curtains also offer complete blackout, so they are great for bedrooms as well as living rooms, and they will keep the heat in too!The mottled pattern on these grey curtains adds more texture and depth to the material, making them a feature in their own right in this gorgeous room. .

Blue living room ideas – 30 ways to decorate with shades of blue

‘Historically, blue was a colour that was one of the most expensive to produce and spoke of the wealth and extravagance of the homes it appeared in,’ explains David Mottershead, managing director of Little Greene.You don’t need a home by the sea to enjoy them, though they do work best with simple Shaker and country style furniture in whites and very pale timbers.Reminiscent of a clear sky filled with promise the gentle blue reminds us to ‘look up’ and feel optimistic as we emerge from darker times.A pastel shade works well when used to decorate a south facing room to maximise the feeling of light and space.Mix a palette of soothing pastel shades to add depth to the look, introducing the tones via soft furnishings.Create a sophisticated blue living rooms by layering tones, to strike the right balance between a dominate colour to run through a scheme without it feeling overwhelming.The rest of the room is kept neutral with white-washed wooden floors and white furniture to make sure the blue remains undiluted by other accent colours.Enrich a deep blue living room with the addition of luxurious textures and materials in a range of equally rich accent colours.Luxe velvets in deep shades of burnt orange punctuate the cocooning blue beautifully, creating a moody, decadent vibe.This striking yet understated colour combination creates a sophisticated take on a blue living room idea.Otherwise you run the risk of white woodwork from standing out like a sore thumb – totally distracting from the statement effect of the blue.For a little old school glam, bring in the signature curves of chic twenties style with globe lighting and a round mirror.Fan and tropical palm prints still look the part and whilst dramatic colours are key to the look, swap out classic black and red for sapphire blue and emerald green.The rich tone adds instant depth and smart sophistication that evokes Art Deco opulence.Incorporate wallpaper, lighting and accessories featuring big cats, monkeys, zebras and exotic birds into the scheme.Lift the dark finishes like rich teal and midnight blue with blush pink and intense fuchsia.The warm pastel shade and bright jewel tone will soften the moody vibe and add a light hearted edge to the palette.A fluted, shell shaped accent chair in blush velvet will match a panelled wall with a chic silhouette while neon touches add a playful punch to the scheme.Work in a casual vibe using rattan and seagrass pieces to channel a far flung sense of coastal style.The dusky, restful shade and the tonal blue sofa, woodwork and furniture, softens the overall look so the busy print won’t overwhelm the space.A contemporary twist on a traditional Chesterfield, the button back sofa bring a modern silhouette whilst still maintaining classic grandeur to complement the heritage wallpaper.This season’s delicate shades of blush pink and pale aqua bring freshness to any room, while low-level furniture and soft linen drapes keep the look light.A midnight blue velvet sofa has been contrasted with the distressed white stone wall in this living room in a converted barn.So that the look isn’t gloomy, keep the walls, ceilings and window dressings light – ideally white – to balance things.They both soften and brighten up the room, while a woodturning stove, tongue and groove panelling and pale wood furniture enhance the rustic feel.Matching the sofa and the walls emboldens the look and creates a strong backdrop where it’s possible to mix up antiques with modern pieces without the overall effect being messy.Combine cool, airy, pastels with the clean lines of modern furniture and contemporary textiles to bring it right up to date.‘You can turn up the temperature by using a darker tone of blue and punctuate the space with energy’, says Natasha Petitt, Colour Designer at Craig & Rose.But with a dark inky blue behind it, it’s the ultimate in sophistication, enhanced by the coffee table’s brass legs and accessories.Stonewashed blues like these are the perfect foundation for classic styles of furniture, the white dresser being a prime example.You’ll need to have a healthy budget, but a feature wall formed of cement tiles can look truly spectacular and – despite the rustic nature of their material – glamorous.Velvet chairs in a deeper blue enhance this effect, and again, accessories in a similar turquoise are accents that bring the room together.The golden rules for making this formal look work are to stick to a neutral hue for the walls and floor, and then to keep with a strict palette, which will allow you to play with pattern.Blue living rooms are more popular than ever, thanks to the recent announcement of Dulux’s colour of the year 2022 Bright Skies.Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director of Dulux UK, says, ‘Right now, people want to feel revitalised and enjoy the freedoms that are returning to them, to look out and bring in new ideas.‘So whether we are working or relaxing, it is essential to have a space that reflects the optimism and desire for a fresh, new start that is top of the agenda.’. .

What Color Curtains Go With Blue-Grey Walls? (Find Out Now

Thankfully, we’re serving up plenty of inspiration to help you get the right curtains for that freshly-painted room.If you choose this color, make sure you pick the right curtains and lighting.Getting a can of blue-grey paint ensures that you will have a calming, sophisticated, and slightly oceanic room.When you pair white curtains with blue-grey walls, you get a light and airy appearance.White curtains also filter the light in a way that brightens up the room while also softening the overall look of your home.This designer decided to jazz things up with a white, blue, and grey patterned curtain set.The slightly yellow tone that cream has gives the room a buttery, warm, and welcoming look.This is a good choice for people who want to bring in a slightly oceanic look but don’t want to go full-sailor on their apartment.If you like the idea of adding a little masculinity, then you might want to give grey curtains a shot.While it’s not overtly masculine, the greys and blues tend to give a more manly vibe to most rooms.Yellow is a great choice to contrast the potential dreary blue in your room.Yellow is a perfect pairing for homes that have a country bent, but it can also work well with an oceanic theme.It is a remarkably smart way to kick up the country vibe a notch.While most people tend to want a more open appearance to their room, there are times when you want to add a little darkness to your area.This designer added royal blue curtains to complement a wall that was painted a deep blue-grey.It has a wealthy vibe that makes you want to sip a Cape Codder by the sea, don’t you think?Teal is a slightly more green-grey version of turquoise, which means that it tends to give your room an interesting gradient look.To get a little more warmth (and maybe some Southwestern charm), add a rusty pink accent or two to your room.A common trick that artists play on people is juxtaposing grey or blue-grey against orange.This color combination makes the blue in blue-grey stand out, while also ramping up the orange immensely.Even regular greys can take on a blue-ish appearance when you add orange into the mix.To get even more mileage out of your orange curtains, it’s best to pair this combination with tons of royal blue furniture.Green gives people a natural sense of calm and relaxation.Studies show that people who see lots of blue-grey while they’re eating or cooking have smaller appetites than those who have orange or red nearby. .



Do All Windows Need Curtains

Do All Windows Need Curtains.

By using the right length and proper mounting techniques, window treatments can offer privacy, frame a worthy view (and hide an underwhelming one), diffuse outdoor light, provide insulation, and protect your favorite décor from the sun.

Curtains For Living Room With Blinds

Curtains For Living Room With Blinds.

Not only do draperies make a space feel finished, but they also have the magical ability to transform an interior, whether it’s creating the illusion of a higher ceiling, drawing the eye across a room, or framing views to a beautiful vista just outside.

Living Room Curtains Bay Window

Living Room Curtains Bay Window.

On the inside, bays act to extend the living area outward, increasing the spatial dimensions of the interior and broadening the view.The bay window in the living room embraces a space large enough for a pair of wing-backed chairs with a reading table and lamp placed between them.Because the homeowners wanted to preserve lovely garden views, designer Lisa Weber kept draperies to a minimum: soft swags of fabric and cloud valances add a touch of color and tie the area in with each room’s decor.Traditionally, bay windows are associated with cozy, built-in seating areas where you can enjoy the wonders of nature while surrounded by the comfort of your home.Many bays are still used that way, with downy cushions covering window seats that conceal a handy, hidden area for storage.One of Lisa Weber’s clients, who enjoys seasonal decorating, had a countertop built into a bay window that faced the sidewalk in front of her home.When an architect placed a bay window--instead of a wall--at one end of a long narrow kitchen, a family gained a charming breakfast nook with a pretty view of the entry beyond.Specially treated glass is available, as well as double-paned windows, which contain air space that conserves heat and muffles sound.