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Stunning House Overlooking Bantry Bay

Villa Bois Saint-Paul is a stunning villa located in Bantry Bay, on the Hills of the Gallipoli Peninsula in Greece.

The home has an abundance of windows and beautiful terraces, giving it a very close connection to the sea.

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It is currently for sale for $2.9 million.

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Villa Bois Saint-Paul:

“This stunning new contemporary villa, which has been finished in just a few days, is nestled high up on the hills of Bantry Bay. Views across the bay, to the village of Bantry Bay and the hills of Athens are unsurpassed.

Set back from the village on a manicured green thumb and the privacy of a quiet villa, the property offers a unique window into Greece in all things relating to the sea, mountains and beaches. The villa consists of three levels: stables, guest accommodation and extended family abode. The ground floor includes an open living and dining space with a central fireplace, an open kitchen and an integrated bar, with the kitchen as the centrepiece.

This spacious home includes plenty of wall space for displaying home artefacts, and a bay window that opens onto a beautiful deck that overlooks the Bantry Bay setting. The feature glass room is curved around the bay, overlooking a brilliant white backdrop that permeates the entire home.

The glass room is curved around the bay, overlooking a brilliant white backdrop that permeates the entire home.

The glass room features a central fireplace that is the heart and soul of the social zone, and is surrounded on three sides by oversized glass windows that maximize the view.

The kitchen in the villa is a unique combination of stunning finished and practicality. A central island with stainless steel supports the flavour of the kitchen, and all appliances are smartly stashed within ample cabinets.

In the evening, the sight of the home’s lights underline the effect of the home’s contemporary architecture, and create the effect of a glowing mass within the bay. The lights also elegantly reflect the local lighting icon, set in a glass dome.
The villa presents two naturally light filled bedrooms, one for the owner and one for his wife, and the living area that houses the dining space and the kitchen. The living area opens up onto the deck for a perfect outdoor dining experience.

Completing the floor Plan is a home office that can be closed off from the rest of the house via a sliding polycarbonate partition, and can also be left open as well. It also has a private outdoor dining area complete with a table made up of a salvaged wooden crate and two world-class European stoves. The stoves are custom made in Phuket, Thailand.

An iron staircase leads to the roof top terrace, which is also made fully of salvaged wooden produce. The floors are all made from the same hue as the casings on the wooden produce, and the walls and roof are all covered in the same patchwork of white to add a sense of unity and depth. Simply beautiful.

DAWSON Architects

Photography by Kahn Choue Kung

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