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The New Rambla Mini House In Spain

This is Rambla. The term was coined by Basílica Macchíe, a young architect by the name of Basílica Macchíe. After graduating as a pharmacist, Macchíe decided to travel and pursue his interest in architecture. He started to work as a professional and in time he managed to find partners and clients that admired his vision.

This is a modern but rather simple and compact home that can be found in Spain. It’s a very beautiful single family residence that features a contemporary design. The house was designed for a couple. It’s their vacation home and they wanted it to be simple and located in a beautiful area where they could enjoy it.

The New Rambla Mini House In Spain Photo 5

The couple that chose this location also wanted it to be a space where they could enjoy spending time together as a family. They needed a semi-public space that would also be a study. The house needed to be easy to maintain and this required some considerable planning and hard work. However, the results were more than satisfying. The main idea behind this project was to create a simple, modest and compact home. It’s why the architect opted for a white exterior while the interiors are bright and chic.

The house features a large swimming pool and a green lawn that create a simple landscape and allow the house to become one with the landscape. Another concern was energy. This is a building that already had a history of accidental expansion so having to repair the mistake and to start again required some planning. But the results were also satisfying. The energy measurements were very important. They indicated that the additions and extensions were able to reduce the energy consumption by 23%. Also, the vertical momentum was Emperador.

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