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The Landscape Design Of Richard Cole Architecture

Contemporary landscape designs are all the rage, and the Richard Cole Architecture (RCA) shows us marvelous architectural creations that incorporate natural elements in a balanced application. The picturesque roadside attraction featured in these pictures reminds us of the beauty of nature, especially of the surrounding grasslands. Some of the site’s tallest trees become the elements for the structure, blending with the artificial structures to create a balance between the natural and artificial.

The massive concrete building has an almost imposing look, probably the result of a complex design. It contains a viewing deck, a guest house and an office area. The exterior protects these spaces from the sun, relentless rays of the sun and intense summer heat. The interior presents us with a combination of glass, wood and white surfaces that assure a warm atmosphere.

The Landscape Design Of Richard Cole Architecture Photo 2

Every little corner of this beautiful house is important. From the beautiful kitchen with its elegant dining area, to the cozy bedroom and the modern bathroom. Every structure is separated by clear glass walls and fine lines that preserve the landscape and the view. What’s more, the site optimization achieved by creating a courtyard, namely the view from the site, ensures sunlight, and provides privacy for both intimate and public spaces of the house.

The Landscape Design Of Richard Cole Architecture Photo 3

The structure is protected from the north wind with a variety of curtains and screens, that are like dry twigs. The ancient oaks maintain that protection by creating a natural privacy screen. Moreover the landscape is also respected, and a large outdoor living area and a mid way garden are incorporated into the design. The house is simple, with clean lines and a contemporary style, but the natural environment at the same time provides a soothing feeling.{found on archdaily}.

The Landscape Design Of Richard Cole Architecture Photo 4

The Landscape Design Of Richard Cole Architecture Photo 5

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