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Sustainable House With Green Roof

This house is a very good example of sustainability, elegance and natural style. It’s a beautiful, not to mention that it’s very functional as well. I’m sure that your clients will really appreciate having a tea house in their garden, no matter what type of climate they are. In this case, the climate is Australian, so the architects from Mojow came up with a sustainable solution that suits the location very well.

Furthermore, because of the location, the tea houses are also eco-friendly. They require no heating or cooling. To heat up a 5-litre boiler using wood you would normally use air conditioning. However, if you get a full solar panel, you won’t need either heating or cooling, and the effect of this design is a more natural, economical and sustainable way of generating energy.

Sustainable House With Green Roof Photo 2

Moreover, each tree planted in this way also provides shade for the next tree in the tree. The concept of using small trees in this manner is really innovative and unique. The site on which the tree is planted is very small. It only covers a surface of 366 square meters and it’s located in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

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