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An Impressive Home In Malmo By Johan Sundberg

This beautiful residence is located in Malmo, Sweden and it was designed by Johan Sundberg. The house has a contemporary design and it was designed to allow panoramic views of the surrounding woods. The orientation of the house allows beautiful views of the woods while also forming an intimate and protective environment.

The house has a very simple design. It features a pitched roof and a sloping stone wall. The living room is at the top level and it also offers wonderful views over the surroundings. The second floor of the house contains the bedrooms as well as a very large and beautiful living room.

An Impressive Home In Malmo By Johan Sundberg Photo 3

It’s a roomfully-sized home, with plenty of room for everybody to be comfortable. The façade of the house is simple and contemporary. The windows are large and all over the place. There’s a variety of styles in there so the diversity is not limited to just one room. The color palette is also diverse. The walls are white throughout the house so the neutrality is very strong. The concrete and white furnishings add a modern and graphic touch to the décor.

An Impressive Home In Malmo By Johan Sundberg Photo 4

As you can see, it’s a modern interior. The furniture has mostly a modern shape. But the influences are not so strong. The combination of modern and classical elements can be adapted to a variety of styles. It’s also possible to opt for something completely different and to opt for an industrial look. The color palette is limited so it’s easy to find soft tones and rich and vibrant shades.{found on freshome}.

An Impressive Home In Malmo By Johan Sundberg Photo 5

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