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A House Made Of Glass By Jean-Michel Wilmotte

This glass structure, which seems to be a house covered in glass from the outside, is located on a beautiful plot by the river in the village of Orrham, in theouth of England, and it is incredible how the designer Jean-Michel Wilmotte managed to make this house of glass from such a material. First, the designer assumed the functions accorded by the traditional domestic structure, and he brought to life by means of a dynamically continuous volume. This volume hides a complex interior, a large gallery, and a bed-and-breakfast area that offers a breathtaking view of all the surroundings.

The glass exterior of the house used for its design looks like a real sundace, and the glass is complemented by subtle and delicate contrasting details that give it a unique appearance. The glass is also used in its framework and for its base, in order to make it more resistant and sturdy. Then, using glass as a basis, the artist created a house with an original and fantastic architecture. It is like living in a great dream.{found on archdaily}

A House Made Of Glass By Jean-Michel Wilmotte Photo 2

A House Made Of Glass By Jean-Michel Wilmotte Photo 3

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