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Refined Apartment In New York City

There are lots of beautiful apartments out there and we’re constantly on the lookout for the latest ones. Today we’ve selected a beautiful apartment located in New York City. It’s a spacious apartment with a modern interior and a refined and very elegant look. The apartment benefits from a great location, close to bus stops, restaurants and theaters and has the perfect view of the skyline to make everything seem very pleasant.

The interior is not particularly impressive but it still looks very elegant. The windows are very beautiful and they contribute to the overall relaxing and tranquil atmosphere. The walls have been painted in a very beautiful tone of beige that’s almost a neutral color. The atmosphere is set in a calm and tranquil atmosphere and it’s hard to feel anywhere is not perfectly opened. The apartment has a lot of storage and no unnecessary features. The living room is very spacious and it also includes a kitchen that also seems to be very organized.

Refined Apartment In New York City Photo 2

There are two sitting areas and they are both bright and airy. The kitchen is in fact spacious and the entire apartment has an air of sophisticated neutrality that gives it a very refined look. The walls are white throughout and so are the ceilings and the floors. The furniture is either white or black.

Refined Apartment In New York City Photo 3

The apartment is extremely spacious and feels very airy. Despite the limited space, there’s an overall very large storage space that goes all the way up to the ceiling. The bedroom is very soothing and relaxing. In here there’s a dressing room, a tiny home office, a second bathroom and a walk-in closet with a custom ash gray door and a geometric pattern.{found on esny}

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