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Loft Apartment In New York City

There are wonderful properties all over the world but this one is unique and special. Located in Foley’s Point, New York City, this loft apartment is a sanctuary to retreat to. It measures only 36 square meters and it was designed by Flowdesign, a practice with a singular and insatiable vision and which enjoys creating spaces with an emotional side that will inspire users to explore their comfort zones and to always discover new and intriguing ways to make a home fulfilling for them.

This loft is situated on the third floor of a historical building in Foley’s Point and is a sanctuary to retreat to. It includes 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and space for its trademark climbing wall, an architectural element that opens the space up onto the city views. This three-storey building provided the home and its owner some quite amazing views to take advantage of but also some pretty strict building regulations which dictated that the apartment had to be less than 500 square feet and its footprint limited to five stories. But even with all these limitations, the design turned out quite nicely.

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The building in which the apartment is situated occupies a transitional area between the old neighborhood and the more modern areas. This allowed the architects to take advantage of the building’s history and to give it a unique identity. They created a building with a classic profile and a modern and elegant interior with architectural details that stand out.

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In addition to trying to make the apartment a calm and relaxing space featuring a sleek but welcoming design, the team also had to find a way to make it functional. They had to find a way to do that while also offering the client the modern and open space he was requesting using simple but creative design solutions.

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They designed a multipurpose space that takes advantage of the apartment’s natural features but also her limited size. They created a loft bedroom which could be used as a sleeping area, a seating area or an open kitchen and dining area. It’s a space that could serve as a guest room, a guest space or an extra workspace whenever the apartment is needed with a flexible design and structure that could work in three different ways: that of a shared space, a separate living space and of a separate bathroom.

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The apartment features a new toilet, a laundry room, a spacious bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen and a dressing room. There’s also an additional storage space. The apartment also has a 3-meter roof deck with a hot tub and workspace along with a private deck and a covered parking area. Inside it’s bright and airy and the rooms are very chic and modern. The apartment is listed for sale for 6.955 million SEK.

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