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Elegant And Inviting Bachelor Pad By Chadberry

This is a rather unusual apartment. It doesn’t look that obvious and it’s not very dramatic either. That’s because it’s not that dramatic and it doesn’t feature those striking architectural details that can be seen everywhere else. It’s actually quite simple and….classic.

This bachelor pad is located in London and it was designed by chadberry. It has a traditional vibe but, at the same time, it’s also very modern. The apartment has an open plan space that includes the living room and the kitchen. This area is mostly used as a recreation space. There are also plenty of functions that would be suitable for summer time use. This particular apartment is situated close to the Olympic Park and it’s a very beautiful bachelor pad.

Elegant And Inviting Bachelor Pad By Chadberry Photo 2

Even though it’s not a particularly large apartment, it has a quite striking interior décor. The goal was to create a simple and calm atmosphere while maintaining a very modern flair. The color palette for this project was chosen as white and grey and the coats of black used throughout the apartment completely change the atmosphere. The designer wanted to some light and airy spaces without overwhelming everything. The simplicity of the décor is complemented by the color and material contrasts. The balanced is also very beautiful. The industrial influences are strong until the modern elements stand out.{found on contemporist}.

Elegant And Inviting Bachelor Pad By Chadberry Photo 3

Elegant And Inviting Bachelor Pad By Chadberry Photo 4

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