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An Impressive Four-level Duplex Penthouse In SOHO

This beautiful penthouse apartment is located in SOHO, Sokkaefo, Copenhagen, Denmark. It’s a four-storey duplex penthouse with a total living space of 3,200 square feet/9380 square meters. The apartment is currently on the market for 6.7 million SEK, or $11.7 million. It’s a very beautiful penthouse apartment with a total living area of 251 square feet/3,229 square feet. It also features 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.The apartment can be found in a building that dates back to 1932. The penthouse has a lot of history. It has been renovated in 2007 and it features a recent, modern décor with large windows and a large, spacious living room.

The interior design of this apartment is elegant and stylish. It has been decorated with large columns and beautiful wallpaper on the walls. The apartment also features a large balcony that can be accessed from the living room and from the kitchen. The apartment covers a total surface of 98 square meters and it offers a total of 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. As you enter, there’s an entrance hall that separates the living room from the kitchen. Then there’s a more spacious living room with a cozy atmosphere and a stylish décor. The room is connected to the balcony and the library. It has large windows on all sides and it’s bright and airy. The library can also be accessed from the living room. The bedroom is large and spacious. It features a dressing room connected to a master bathroom. It has both a den and a sauna.{found on blessthisstuff}.

An Impressive Four-level Duplex Penthouse In SOHO Photo 2

An Impressive Four-level Duplex Penthouse In SOHO Photo 3

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