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Welcoming Loft By LADAA

Located in Valencia, Spain, Welcoming loft is a project completed by LADAA.

The interior is bright and elegant, with a white aesthetic that adds to its sense of space.

Welcoming Loft By LADAA Photo 2

Welcoming loft by LADAA:

Welcoming Loft By LADAA Photo 3

“The design solution of this single family house in a residential area of Valencia, we propose a clear and concise formulation that explores the relationship between the natural and cultural context of this housing subculture in Spain.

This house appears as two successive containers stacked on top of and independent of each other. They belong to different generations and have little contact with the surrounding context. The full height windows stack on top of the two containers while they remain in the middle. They aggregate the old and the new, creating three tall and solid structures. From the interior one can see only the sky and the walls that surround it. There is also a lawn, an open concrete deck that holds a barbecue, a picnic and a relaxing evening.

The floor is black and the antique furniture is combined with modern building systems to create a techno-industrial design. The old walls have been restored and the new elements are distinguished by a new expression and a strong connection with the surrounding space.”

Photos by: Elena Calai

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